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Montreal Canada   Jan 2014  

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Influences:   Just about any type of music under the sun... that can somehow be played WITH BAGPIPES!!

Welcome to the world of

Supersonic Tartan Death Machine (STDM) = Bagpipe-Driven Electro-Celtic Fusion. I call it "électrocelte". Recorded @ BearCave Studios Montreal using an iPad + iPhone + a host of awesome iOS apps.

Instruments used include: Great Highland Bagpipe, Border Pipes, John Walsh Shuttle Pipes, Practice Chanter, Irish Whistles, Bombarde, Voice.

Tech Tools used include: iPad, iPhone, Zoom H6, iRig HD, Propellerhead Balance, Sennheiser HD6 Mix headphones.

Apps used include (amongst others) Animoog, Audacity, Audiobus, AUFX Series, Beatmaker 2, BeatTime, Cyclop, Elastic Drums, Figure, Glitchbreaks, Guitarism, Impaktor, KORG Gadget, Model 15, Patterning, Samplr, SunVox, THOR ThumbJam, Turnado and of course GarageBand for iOS. In the iOS space there are just way too many apps to list, really. And so many good ones.

Music: the music and stylings are widely varied. From traditional tunes to self-composed original bagpipe compositions, to covers of popular Scottish songs, or even rock songs. There really are no limits... new ideas are churning through my mind almost weekly. Some tunes start off with a bagpipe tune. Others start off with a few beatz worked out on an iOS device. I often sing new tunes to myself, record them on my iOS device and then write them down... and the creative process continues...

2016 marked my 10th official album release and 5th anniversary of STDM. I have also released a number of individual tracks for the net label Apptronica.

This is my 4th FAWM in 4 years, and once again, it will be a concept album. 2014's as you may recall was a fantastical tale about Sheep taking over the world. "And The Sheep Inherited The Earth... By Force". 2015 brought the story of "Doppelgänger" to the world, and 2016 was the massive epic concept album, "Everdawn"

They are all available on iTunes & Bandcamp. THANKS for your support.

Lastly I will say I truly appreciate all of your comments, in advance. Yes it might be a huge leap of faith, based on some of the comments I received last year. But to set you all in the right frame of mind as to what you are subjecting yourself to as you listen to my tunes is that you are listening to music created by someone who is first and foremost a Highland Piper. I am a huge fan of music overall and so in 2011 embarked on this unholy quest to open people's minds to the sound of bagpipes and to make them realize that this sound has POWER, but that it can also be used in a variety of settings. I personally have composed over 90 tunes for the pipes, many of which now are finding their way into my recorded works. Many of my tunes that I use for recordings are in irregular meters or modes... why? Well because I like to. And because I can. This sums up the reason for why I do most of what I do, musically.

I am taking my sweet time this year, with my 4th FAWM effort. It is basically another concept album whose title will be revealed soon. It is a return to and expansion of some concepts which I brought forth last year, in fact a continuation of the story of our heroes in the Realms of Everdawn. Ideally I would like to once again compose 5-6 new pipe tunes and get them up to speed to play for you in these tracks.

Once again, no one else is really incorporating bagpipes into their music in any real way, so keep your ears right here folks.

Lastly here is a review of my very last album and what I do, in The Montreal Gazette.

Slainte, and Happy FAWMING... Jeff

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  • @electrocelte May 23

    My latest FAWM project, completed, may be found HERE:

    "Everdawn: Journey to The Night Realm"


    Bandcamp: https://supersonictartandeathmachine....

    Google Play:


    JOB DONE. 😀

  • @electrocelte Apr 25

    If any of you care to do so, feel free to visit the Soundboard of "oddbod" and tell him #bagpipes are great. And that he is an a-hole. Thanks for your support.

  • @metalfoot  Mar 5

    My actual album are the songs marked #abecedary --- the rest is just little side projects and collabs and skirmishes. (That takes it down to a more manageable 26 tracks. Suffice to say my stuff isn't exactly laden with production values... next year there will be less songs)

  • @mungus  Mar 4

    This concept album has been such an awesome find, thank you for sharing!

  • @clioem  Feb 28

    I second @Metalfoot! I think bagpipes are TOTALLY BOSS. I would even take a lesson or two to try them out. I would compose for them once I find time. Bagpipes are the BEST and you are the best at them!

  • @metalfoot  Feb 28

    As far as I'm concerned, nobody's instrument choice should be a target for mockery here at FAWM. We're all here to make music, right? Felt like I had to stick up for you. (Not to mention, I genuinely do like bagpipes and have been tempted every now and again to get my own set!)

    I also see I have a lot of your songs to catch up on come March! 😀

  • @acousticmaddie  Feb 21

    Thank you for you Nice comments!

  • @oddbod  Feb 20

    I was expecting some sort of rebuttal a lot sooner 😁

  • @frozenlonesome Feb 20

    Not cannon fire. On "The End". They were laying dynamite charges on the bottom of the lake to destroy the Giant Leeches. All synth sounds were from Moog Model 15.

  • @clioem  Feb 19

    Thanks so much!

  • @phlecksy  Feb 18

    Cheers, have bookmarked the apptronica page.

    So you're hinting I should donate do FAWM? I will, I promise, as soon as I get my 14 tracks up! Which I fully intend to do. Quite a challenge though it is for me..

  • @konstisifyer  Feb 13

    Ole hyvä x 1000. And welcome!

  • @frozenlonesome Feb 11

    Thanks Jeff. I do make a serious effort to muddle the vocal excerpts but tried this tome to make it clearer. May have to revisit at a later date.

  • @clioem  Feb 10

    You sound great on it!

  • @electrocelte Feb 9

    Why hello there. Since you are here, please go on over to Bandcamp and hear some of my other music. Hopefully you will be mildly surprised to know that I am not entirely obsessed with rendering soundtracks for my teenage D&D sessions. http://supersonictartandeathmachine.b...

  • @beat  Feb 1

    Hi Jeff,
    have a good time in this here new go.
    Cheers from Vienna

  • @candle Jan 31

    I thought I heard the sound of pipes in the distance. 😀

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @candle Jan 30

    Can't wait to hear your bagpipes this year, my friend.

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @helene  Jan 28

    Hey! You are back! Happy FAWMing!