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Ronkonkoma USA   Jan 2008

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National Laboratory Scientist for 21 years turned Congressional Candidate: Vote for Progressive, Evidence Based Policy for New York's 1st in 2018!


FAWMer since 2008 and this will be the first I miss. IF I can sneak away from my campaign team I might post any speeches written or performed in feb!

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  • @scottlake  Feb 20

    Elaine - I was in Bohemia, NY for 4 weeks over the past few months. Any chance you might do a gig in the next few months?

  • @mikedebenham  Feb 15

    Brilliant. Best of luck, Elaine.

  • @natrin Jan 31

    Awesome! Best of luck!

  • @nancyrost  Jan 21

    I might remix one of your speeches!

  • @johncrossman  Jan 17

    Wow, cool, best to you in 2018 Elaine!

  • @rickatfulcrum Jan 16

    /* blows a kiss across Long Island Sound */

  • @postcardhelicopters  Jan 15

    Elaine! Best wishes with the campaign. I, for one, would welcome science, evidence and progress in politics.

  • @andygetch  Jan 15

    Hi Elaine, good luck in your run!

  • @stuartbenbow  Jan 15

    Good luck on the campaign trail.

  • @songsville  Jan 9

    Awwww, c'mon, the election isn't until November! Take a month off and clear your head ... well, okay then, just post those speeches and we'll jazz 'em up or put hiphop beats underneath ...

    Seriously, best of luck with it!