Dutch Cassidy 11


Amsterdam Netherlands   Jan 2015


Artist Bio

Influences:   John Hiatt, Jason Isbell, Justin Currie, Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Jim Groce, Loudon Wainwright III, Neil Young, Steve Earle... should I go on?

Dutch Cassidy is a singer/songwriter from The Netherlands, whose songs are commonly described as sounding “A little bit Country, a little bit Rock’n’Roll” and have been likened to John Hiatt’s and Jason Isbell's. With 25 years of music under his belt, Dutch has explored a diversity of musical styles among which punk, rhythm&blues and the typically Dutch smartlap. Under his birthname, Dutch published several recordings on the now defunct KELT label.

Early 2016 Dutch released the EP 'Albumette' with 4 songs, recorded with a selection of seasoned artists.

Dutch's new EP 'Getting There' (5 songs including the FAWM2017 hit New York City) is up for release any moment now.


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  • @billgcaldwell  1 hour

    Thanks for the words on John Deere Green. I had some fun with that. Just trying to get thru this FAWM. Then headed for Arizona, for a month of sunshine!

  • @jibbidy34  1 hour

    Congratulations Centurion Soldier! You wrote 100 comments for your fellow FAWMers!! You made this place even better. You took your time to listen to other people's songs and you have 100 thank you's from all of them and from me! Here’s your badge. Excellent work and keep busting’ those zongs!!

  • @acousticmaddie  4 days

    You can always use my quotes mate 😀 Happy you liked it I loved that tune

  • @tseaver  6 days

    Thanks for your comment on my song, "Invisible Means of Support." I just put up the demo.

  • @moonraccoon  1 week

    Haha! I don't believe in jinxes 😉 More like discouraged. I don't like to think of the arts as competitive, but my brain is stupid sometimes, and I try to defend myself against its poor self-value judgements, y'know?

  • @wimx52 1 week

    Thanks for your kind words ... never had my songs compared to lasagne before 😉 but is probably a good comparison. I love to have plenty going on in the background... it would be nice to think that repeat listens can keep revealing some of the finer detail. Have done the majority of the writing/recording part so am now hoping to get out and about and enjoy a bit of listening now.

  • @moonraccoon  1 week

    Just laid it down a few minutes ago. It's taken so long only b/c I've been dealing with asthma-related issues. I've been working on several collabs in the meantime, and trying to catch up. So, fingers crossed to edit Tiger tonight and post tomorrow 😀

  • @drivebylovefest 1 week

    Oopsies, Thanks for the heads up, hopefully fixed now <3

  • @mardeycranbleson  1 week

    Hey Dutch as usual thanks for listening to my stuff and all your comments I appreciate it! I was checking out your website, I really enjoyed I love you goodbye - is that an original? It's cool to hear you with a band like that.

  • @pambowen1 1 week

    Okay! You are on! If it goes past the 21st, I will remind you. Thanks!

  • @pambowen1 1 week

    Wow! Thanks, Dutch, for watchlising me. And for the detailed and thoughtful comments. Yes, I try to keep a regular meter to help my co-writer make the tune. If you get your other list done, please take a stab!

  • @arthurrossi 1 week

    Thank you so much for your kind comment!

  • @mardeycranbleson  1 week

    Hey thanks for your comments and listening! It gives me the courage to keep moving forward, kind of feel like I'm treading water this year but I think I'm getting there.

  • @moonraccoon  2 weeks

    Haha! I'm the same. Your humility just improves my opinion.

  • @tseaver  2 weeks

    Thanks for your comment on my "Before the Coffee Kicks In." I just updated the demo, transposing and adding vocals.

  • @tiller2  2 weeks

    Hi there, music is up for Cool Water, if you're interested. I am a lucky lyricist 😀 http://fawm.org/songs/80930/

  • @billgcaldwell  2 weeks

    Man you were right on top on of Blue Skies, must be late at night over there in Dutchland. Thanks for the words Dutch. I have been through a few other songs to get # 5 up.

  • @billgcaldwell  2 weeks

    Dutch , thanks for the words on Jesus Save Me From This World. I know what you mean about relaxed when writing from the heart. So many of my songs are just songs, which I have no emotional investment in. Occasionally one shows up that I am.

  • @michaelbone 2 weeks

    Thanks for the feedback, man! Love grooving on the odd times, comes easy for me, but delicateness is harder to come by. I wish I could figure out how to make another "I did I promise" - which is the base idea for the "expectation" song.

  • @tseaver  2 weeks

    Thanks for bugging me to get the demo done for "Don't You Wanna." I've just uploaded it.

  • @crimulus  2 weeks

    Thanks Dutch for checking out my songs and letting me know your thoughts. It is greatly appreciated, and I promise soon I'll return the favor. It's just been a hectic month so far.

  • @moonraccoon  2 weeks

    Just being honest. I have mad respect for your talent.

  • @moonraccoon  2 weeks

    Awesome! I see you've already posted yours. I'm tempted to take a peek at it, but I don't want to be discouraged...

  • @moonraccoon  2 weeks

    Hey Dutch, I see we're both working on renditions of Tiger by @stephenwordsmith. Would you be offended if I recorded and posted the version I'm working on, when it's ready?

  • @johnhudome  2 weeks

    Thanks for the "watch." Us lefties have to stick together.

  • @grenzgaengerin  2 weeks

    Then you are a very happy person. 😀 Many do not dare to adopt this lifestyle. Although I have a job that has nothing to do with music - I accompany people with autism spectrum disorder ... I also enjoy it. But I could not live without music. Furthermore, I wish you this wave of happiness. And your wife, that she always has a good-humored partner by her side 😉

  • @grenzgaengerin  2 weeks

    It is certainly very hard to earn a living with music alone these days. For me, music is first and foremost for me - for my heart and my soul. But I also need musicians who touch my heart - like you, with your beautiful way of getting it in there.
    So why not, here and there a gig in a pub or similar. With your talent I would seriously think about it. Words out of my heart for you.

  • @jani 2 weeks

    Thanks for your great comments on my song! I really dig your stuff!

  • @bhaile  2 weeks

    Yes, I sang it twice 😀

  • @bhaile  2 weeks

    Thanks for the kind words. I did double the vocals on “summer shoes.” One vocal take had a “chorus” effect on it and the other was just a clean vocal take. I set them at almost exactly the same level 😀

  • @grenzgaengerin  2 weeks

    Thank you very much for the lovely comments. 😀

  • @stephenwordsmith  2 weeks

    And thank you for all your encouraging comments!

  • @stephenwordsmith  2 weeks

    Always a pleasure to hear from you. You are most welcome to take on 'Tiger'.

  • @tcelliott  2 weeks

    re: Keb Mo comparisons... The thread in question said all comparisons were bad. Keb Mo just happens to be the one you kind of, sort of sound like vocally on this track. At least to my ears. And I like him, so it's a good connection for me. re: bass - It *may* be a bit busy, but it works. And, yeah, I'd give you hell right back if I were your bassist and heard this, too. But doesn't make it bad.

  • @billgcaldwell  2 weeks

    Thanks for words Dutch, It is good to be back at FAWM. These first two songs have been a challenge. Neither sounds like I envisioned it. That is not a big surprise, I have not yet been able to get from inside my head to the sound from the speakers. Take care and looking forward to more great songs from you.

  • @mardeycranbleson  2 weeks

    Thanks for the comment - yeah leading up to last year I was doing music every day for months, I'm coming into this year cold with no practice and no ideas...not too hopeful for this year but I'm going to give it a shot!

  • @crimulus  2 weeks

    Thanks Dutch for the comments!

  • @cleanshoes 2 weeks

    Thank you for your kind comment on my first song!

  • @brrrse  2 weeks

    Ah, you caught my bumpiness 😀 Thanks for the comments on Baby Black Heart. I'm playing with non-standard phrasing, in some of my songs, I'm adding an extra measure in here and there, and using multples of 3 for phrases, but 4/4 in the tempo. This one will be non-standard in it's form also... As a singer, I'm starting to write for singers - and some of my songs take a whole lotta breath - so I"m writing with my breathing. I'm not sure why - it seemed like an interesting thing. 😀

  • @mardeycranbleson  2 weeks

    Yep I'm back good to see you again!

  • @tuomoh 3 weeks

    If you're in the mood for Finnish metal, I have to mention that this year I'm doing acoustic stuff. Sorry!

  • @wickedmessenger1  3 weeks

    Greetings fellow lefty. We're also a similar age (if I can assume 1967 is when you were born). I was born in 1965. I look forward to listening to your songs this month.

  • @bhaile  3 weeks

    Thanks for commenting on Bumper Stickers!
    I watchlisted you too 😀

  • @stevenwesleyguiles  3 weeks

    I finished that "Stay With Me" song you were waiting on. 😀

  • @caseewilson  3 weeks

    Is that with the sought after crying with frustration at the lag and constant update requests? 😉

  • @caseewilson  3 weeks

    Thank you for your sympathy on ARGH 😀 Apple reckon it's a line-in port issue and it has gone to the nearest repair centre. Now, I wait. I have dug out my ancient laptop in the meantime.

  • @grenzgaengerin  3 weeks

    thank you very much for your comment - find your review very valuable

  • @acousticmaddie  3 weeks

    Thank you for your lovely comment on "I am nobodys child" <3