Duke Meyer 15


Germany   Feb 2010


Artist Bio

Influences:   Old blues, hot funk, lots of rock and some weird stuff, wine, women and the typical little problems you have when you've been immigrated from outer space.

Born in a plastic bag, escaped without a plan, later studying ecstasy, punk & feminism at the street university of Harbards. Made my master of disaster "summa cum louder" (highest grade in pagan Germany). After a few nights I really can't remember so well, I woke up one morning with a suitcase in my hand.

Living nearby Heidelberg in Germany.

Checkout my bandmates @karan, @sentense


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  • @benjaminnolan Jul 3

    Dude, if there's one thing you don't have, it's poor English. 😝

  • @mmmmarcus  Feb 11

    Thank you so much for the nice comments on my collab track with Colleen! Was great working with her! Glad you liked the song!

  • @francessmith Feb 11

    Thank you for your thank you......I enjoy listening to your sketches, they are always interesting.

  • @sentense Feb 2

    Ich muss leider aufs Wochenende warten. Freue mich aber schon auf deine Sachen 😀

  • @ansgar Feb 1

    Hideliho Duke, bin gespannt auf Deine extatische Lautmalerei. 😁

  • @irka Feb 1

    Bin gespannt! Wünsche ein tolles volles riesengroßmusisches FAWM gehabt zu haben

  • @grenzgaengerin  Jan 31

    HUhu Duke...sei von Deiner besonderen Muse geküsst - freue mich auf Deine Kreationen

  • @ryuu  Jan 31

    Heya Großer, ich bin gespannt, was Du dieses Jahr so ausheckst!

  • @tageule Jan 31

    Hej Duke! Hab viel Spaß, bin schon gespannt, was du wieder anstellst 😉

  • @johnstaples  Jan 31

    Hi Duke! Wishing you a wonderful and productive FAWM in a few days!!

  • @karan  Jan 19

    Naaaaa? Bald geht's los! 😀

  • @cts  Jan 2018

    Duuuuuuuuke! Hey, man - doing some FAWMing this year?