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Silver Spring USA   Feb 2015

Artist Bio

Influences:   hair metal, Wheat, musicals, comedy, 80's pop, fake music, movies

Musician and songwriter in a basement near DC. Bassist/Synth for the band Sam Cooper & the Sleepwalkers. Some session work for independent singers, filmmakers, and podcasters.


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  • @siebass  Mar 1

    Hey man, thanks for your comment on just under two-thousand parts. It's the last one I wanted to do for FAWM of the things I had written, just ran outta time; I spent too long on my epic piano/organ ballad insanity. I'll try to get it done in March. PS I think winter wins the rap battle.

  • @declan  Mar 1

    Thanks for the comment re A Trial. Absolutely agree regarding the traffic noise almost being a backing singer.

  • @yam655  Feb 25

    My work leans a little toward "art" right now. Art that moves people. Maybe it makes them terrified. Maybe it makes them sad. Hey, as long as I'm not responsible for a suicide epidemic, I'm doing pretty good, right? 😉

  • @insaneian Feb 17

    Hey man! Thanks for the comments on my Bowling Green song! I guess you hadn't heard (or remembered) the Kinks tune I was parodying with's on the soundtrack to Hot Fuzz and features pretty prominently in the flick. No worries, glad you dug it! Looking forward to more of your stuff here!

  • @siebass  Feb 8

    Not sure what foley means, but let me know if you want to help out. I imagine the song being carried mostly by guitar and I have no idea how to possibly emulate that with tools. Part of the challenge!

    I have the vocal melody sketched out in my head, I can send once I have a chance to record.

  • @insaneian Feb 2

    Hey mang! Hope to see you post your progress and your tunes here this year! 😀