drivelmonk 10


Silver Spring USA   Feb 2015

Artist Bio

Influences:   hair metal, Wheat, musicals, comedy, 80's pop, fake music, movies

Musician and songwriter in a basement near DC. Bassist/Synth for the band Sam Cooper & the Sleepwalkers. Some session work for independent singers, filmmakers, and podcasters.


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  • @marisappaterson Feb 24

    Hi, I sent you an email regarding our collab a few days ago but haven't heard anything back. Just wanted to make sure you got it. You can reach me directly at

  • @cindyrella  Feb 6

    Thanks for your comments on my DNA song! It is so fascinating, isn't it? Yes, go ahead and fix the structure. I overlooked that part.

  • @rbmarty000  Feb 2

    Oh.. The structure is A - A instrumental A - A .. the hot line is repeated differently at the beginning and end of each verse but as for a repeating and different melody and lyric, typical of a chorus, then I would say it didn't have one. Hooky line yes but chorus not in my opinion.

  • @rbmarty000  Feb 2

    Wow thanks so much for the feedback.. truly super analysis. I am not an engineer and just did some loops of piano, bass and drums to get it out. The middle I thought should be similar but bring in the feeling of stress and heat. Not sure if that came across>
    I used a technique to get the idea by taking the first line of one book chosen randomly with the last of another, and then making a story from the two. Mine was mountains and heat.
    Like musicals too. Had one 3/4 written but then someone took my subject and made "Come From Away" so we stopped.. They are rich now. oh well