devindesu (Baphometrix) 6


Austin USA   Feb 2018

Artist Bio

Influences:   ill.Gates and all the hard-working jamurai at Producer Dojo. And in no particular order: Adventure Club, Zedd, Fox Stevenson, dark cat, Herobust, Grey, Nanoo, Tipper, Mr. Bill, Au5, and... there are just so many great artists over the years across so many genres.

Long-time performing musician on guitar, bass, and drums (and didjeridu, lol). Now focused on EDM music production. Studying with ill.Gates in the Class of 808 at Producer Dojo.


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  • @engebretsen  Feb 14

    Thx a lot for all songs you comments on my track-list so far. Much appreciated.

  • @dumpbutton Feb 14

    Thanks for always commenting on my tunes..I appreciate that! The Latin Percussion solo was played on my Octapad SPD-30 using the stock sounds. I have it running into my Interface and the Audio channel is pretty much always rec. armed!

  • @dumpbutton Feb 2018

    Thanks for ur comments. The DnB track I had 16note rec. quantization turned on in Ableton. 1/2 cheating in my book but makes it super easy to record patterns in real time. Once u have 4-8 clips recorded u can basically live DJ. Creating checkerboard style, breakdowns etc. with the the clips in real time.

  • @kayaserenity123 Feb 2018

    Hey man ! Thanks for the comments and support 😀 stoked to see other dojo members here and killing it!

  • @nintendeaux  Feb 2018

    @devindesu that song was in E minor, but yeah i know what you mean about certain keys hitting more bass. if i had to guess i would say A would be the sweet spot since western music is tuned to 440hz A, so maybe down a couple octaves? 55 hz is an A.

  • @dumpbutton Feb 2018

    @devindesu Thanks for you comments! Yes, nothing is pre-made or pre-loaded with midi clips. I'm live looping on the fly in session view while recording in arrangement view in Ableton. I create the template ahead of time though to avoid a loop getting stale while I load another drum rack or VST! I use an APC40 mkii as the looper in session view (Ableton). So for example, this track "Chaos Theory", I looped those first two synth parts back to back by playing in the parts using a midi keyboard controller - Axiom 25, then I switched right to my Trigger Finger and started looping in the sub-kick part. The new APC 40 mkii has an input for a footswitch which is great for keeping your hands free while recording a loop in session view. Sometimes it works great, other times it totally falls apart. I'm practicing get better so it falls apart less often. lol

  • @nuj4x Feb 2018

    Thank you for your comments! And yes 😀 I can make you two definite promises...#1 I am a member of the ProducerDojo, and #2 I will do my best to make sure nobody ever knows who I am!

    I like the mystery and plus, if I ever got anywhere I’d want it to be about the music and not the fame. Plus I don’t want to be mob rushed at Walmart grocery shopping with my wife lol

  • @mleverette  Feb 2018

    My brother lives in Austin. I'm in Arlington. You are seriously talented, friend. ❤️

  • @hopelessfull Feb 2018

    Another Dojo bogo song bro! Sweet yo!

  • @spiderhound1  Feb 2018

    Welcome, Devin! Let me know if you have any questions.