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Mansfield UK   Jan 2011

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Influences:   Many and various

Lyrics only. Love collaborations. Drop by and say Hello!

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Songs (6)

#1 It's Up to You 5
Feb 2017
#2 Summer's Song 4
Feb 2017
#3 The Best of Frankie Laine 5
Feb 2017
#4 Divided We Stand 2
Feb 2017
#5 It's Up To You @jamkar  7
Feb 19
#6 This is the Way I Live 3
Feb 23


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  • @downburst  Feb 23

    If she is, don't tell my wife!

  • @jamkar  Feb 23

    Hi Dee, , well yeah l it's FAWM so no worries. Thanks for the listen.

  • @jaegerin  Feb 22

    Hi Dee, I wanted to thank you for your kind words on my random storycube song. Haven't been about much, but I really appreciate comments 😀

  • @jamkar  Feb 19

    Dee I hope you find this music suitable to your lyrics. (at least for FAWM). Let me know if you see changes needed.

  • @kathym  Feb 2017

    Thanks for the thoughts on Broken Pennies. I had been struggling with who the woman was going to be. I thought at one point I'd have her trading broken pennies to a lonely man for his broken heart and they could comfort each other (sort of like Harry Chapin's "A Better Place to Be"). She's not unlikeable, but she hasn't had it easy and I didn't want to list all the things that people wish on, though I wanted to include a few, but also to somehow touch on the lost ones in our society who seem to have no way out. I'm not sure where she came from and I thought about her parents and if they were self-absorbed so she was left to her own devices. Or if she has untreated mental illness or a veteran who has not been given the care she deserves.
    I went through a few years of very dark times and there was so much that I couldn't do anything about. Hence the idea of broken pennies, carrying no magic at all for wishing, and of wishes that never came true, bad things happening to good people, etc.

  • @marvsmooth  Feb 2017

    Thank you for the lovely comment Dee xx

  • @cindyrella  Feb 2017

    Thanks for your comment and my mistake! I changed that line three times and forgot to look it over again. 😀 Appreciate it!

  • @paulharrison  Feb 2017

    Thanks, Dee. The audio file should be available now. Sorry for my mistake in loading.

  • @paulharrison  Feb 2017

    Wow...such kind and generous comments on my song! Thanks so much, Dee!

  • @musicsongwriter Feb 2017

    Hi Dee, thank you for your warm comment and beautiful interpretation of my lyric, I felt this way when I was writing my words. You read between the lines. Thank you for your deep understanding.

  • @paulharrison  Feb 2017

    Hi Dee. I think I fixed my "Sleep" song now if you want to hear the audio. Thanks for checking it out.

  • @musicsongwriter Feb 2017

    Hi Dee, I know what you mean, it's busy for me too.

  • @dragondreams  Feb 2017

    Deedee! You made it!

    Thanks loads for stopping by and taking a listen. I'll be back shortly. I'm just doing the rounds before I settle in for some reading and listening with a glass or two of cow juice. 😀

  • @jamkar  Feb 2017

    A belated hi ya, and a big Thank You for the listen and comments Dee!

  • @klaus  Jan 2017

    Hey Dee. I just dropped by to say hello. Are you Fawming this year?

  • @musicsongwriter Jan 2017

    Hi Dee, happy February.

  • @alboe Jan 2017

    Happy FAWMing.

  • @downburst  Jan 2017

    Hello darlin.