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Bowie USA   Feb 1

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I am a first time FAWMER. I have tried to write songs before, I don't feel they were very successful. I'm hoping to do some better writing with this incentive.

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  • @dannen Feb 7

    So many songs, so little time. I've got get ready for a gig and slow down the songwriting efforts. I wish I could listen to all the songs being created here ... just not enough time!

  • @squeakmouse73 Feb 7

    Hi! There were just places in "Electric Car Blues" that didn't feel like they flowed as well, but maybe you did that purposefully, like we writers do, sometimes, and that's all right, if that's what you were doing. Keep writing. I love to hear what you put out.

  • @arthurrossi Feb 5

    Wow, really?? I am very excited to hear it...
    My email address is
    Please, let me know if you would like me to add you as collaborator or if you prefer to re-post it (or both 😀 )
    Thanks so much and I am looking very forward to the demo...

  • @arthurrossi Feb 4

    Hey! Thanks a lot for your lovely comment on "the real you"! I would look very, very forward to it! By the way, engebretsen said he would also like to give it a try... I hope you do not mind us eventually having two different versions of it...

  • @tiller2  Feb 2

    Thanks for your kind comment on my Dylan dream song. Good luck and good writing in your first FAWM. Most important, enjoy!

  • @sheilerk  Feb 1

    Hi. Welcome Fawmling!! Hope you have a great month of Fawming! 😀

  • @monty  Feb 1

    Another bandmate! Whohoo! Welcome to FAWM.

  • @pipewrench67  Feb 1

    Hello, welcome, make some noise, look around talk to people, write some songs, listen to some songs. Ask questions, everyone is pretty helpful around here.