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Southend-on-Sea UK   Feb 2015


Artist Bio

Influences:   Everything. + Royal Blood, Listener, mewithoutyou, Damien Rice, Mura Masa, Kings of Leon, Elton John, The White Stripes, Bon Iver, Louis Armstrong, Elliot Smith, Jamie T

God is the most creative Person I know. Clouds, man- clouds!

This is my first proper FAWM - I submitted a single song in 2015 as I was working on another project at the same time.

Using Garageband on iPad for this. If I get a bit more time, may import into Logic X for a bit of mixing and extra plugins (N.B. I didn't get anymore time- was all done on iPad other than Track 14)

If you like what you hear and wanna stay in touch, I have a music page on:


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  • @balancelost  Mar 8

    Thanks dude. Hopefully I'll continue writing after Feb, never seems to work out that way!

  • @dancrook Mar 8

    @samsorrow yeah, please do put up your favourites from FAWM up on soundcloud- I'm keen to keep hearing your stuff

  • @enigma4711  Mar 2

    I will most definitely be up for a collaboration. I think something very interesting could be produced 😀

  • @samsorrow Mar 1

    thanks for your comments.i am not on soundcloud but maybe that should change. congratulations on hitting 14.

  • @mungus  Mar 1

    Hey man, you made it to 14! Awesome! I only just managed 10, but thank you for your comments, I will be listening over your tracks throughout March!

    Thank You for making Fawm such a supportive experience.

  • @enigma4711  Mar 1

    Hey Dan,

    Congratulations on the trophy and the 14 songs!
    It was nice following you this year as you wrote some really great songs. It was a pleasure 😀.

    Hope to see you here next year!

    - Rasmus

  • @spunky4455 Feb 28

    Thanks for checking out my song! Glad you dug it. Hope you had a great month.

  • @tabulhas07 Feb 21

    Appreciate the feedback for dying inside

  • @squeakmouse73 Feb 2017

    Just saying hi and thank you for your encouragement.

  • @jani Feb 2017

    Great stuff! Very unique!

  • @timothybracken Feb 2017

    Thank you for the listen!

  • @dancrook Feb 2017

    @thelowestbitter fair play. Cool track anyway

  • @thelowestbitter Feb 2017

    I honestly didn't know that Billy Bragg lyric... I should have known I wouldn't be the first person to rhyme "bombs" with "Proms"

  • @plainspoke  Feb 2017

    Recording setup: Rode NT1A with an acoustic shield into a Scarlett 2i2 into Logic X.

  • @radicalmguy  Feb 2017

    Thanks for the comment man, glad to hear you enjoyed my stuff!