Gotteskind 14


United States   Feb 2016

Artist Bio

Influences:   Aphex Twin, Philip Glass, Squarepusher, Flying Lotus, Autechre, Amon Tobin, Noisia, Deru, Forest Swords, William Basinski...

Electronic music production accompanied by organic sounds.

My second year of FAWM! 😁

Doing something totally different this year:
a collage of experimental/electronica tracks each with a barrage of fresh sounds and wide spectrum of frequencies. Comprising of; mostly original sounds, foley, iphone recordings, and guitar. A majority of sounds are heavily processed resulting in unheard of and unique audio. My plan is to mix/master all of my finished tracks during the last week of February.

*Headphones highly recommended!

Check out the FULL ALBUM here!:


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  • @adforperu  Mar 1

    Are you pulling my leg? Amazing! Loving your stuff this year, and well done on 14. I'll be listening through over the next few days

  • @seanbrennan  Feb 10

    Thanks a bunch for giving "The Wildest Dream" a listen! It's not in 7/8 time, but I'm not a skilled guitar player, and so I over-emphasize the syncopated fourth beat, so I definitely hear where it sounds like that. I really need to get my hands on a keyboard I can use for FAWM...

  • @notenkraker Feb 7

    Thanks for the comment, saw that Squarepusher is one of your inspirations, got an interview sample from him in my track Pusher 😉 might be interesting to check out (not selfpromoting but thought it was a funny coincidence).

  • @monplaisir Feb 6

    Hey, thank you for your sweet comments, I'll look at your work too, your influences are awesome 😁

  • @notenkraker Feb 5

    Put you on my watchlist, this first track you made blew my mind! Good luck 😁!

  • @adforperu  Jan 28

    Hope you're around this year, loved your work last year!