Jeremy Tharp 28


Portland USA   Feb 2017  

Artist Bio

Influences:   No idea -- I love bluegrass. I love metal. I rarely write either.

Just like 2017, I'm going for at least one song per day.

I'm a wannabe banjo picker, a wannabe guitarist, and a barely singer, but I've written many, many songs. I spend much time wondering why some of the great ones haven't become international successes, and so I pour all that sadness into new ones. Happy songs don't generally come out of me. πŸ˜€

In the recent past (which is what I am calling at least the last 10 years), my songwriting has been spottier, but my song-a-day experiment for last year's FAWM was a huge success, so I'm doing it again.

\m/ { ^ _ ^ } \m/

Songs (28)

#1 Hey Ya 5
Feb 2018
#2 There Is No Filter 4
Feb 2018
#3 Irresponsibility 5
Feb 2018
#4 Curtain Call 3
Feb 2018
#5 The Forward Thinker Me 5
Feb 2018
#6 Far Away 3
Feb 2018
#7 Anyway 2
Feb 2018
#8 I Hear Rain 6
Feb 2018
#9 I Cursed Everything 2
Feb 2018
#10 The Loneliest Road 2
Feb 2018
#11 Call It A Day 2
Feb 2018
#12 Folks On Fire 2
Feb 2018
#13 What A Robot Sounds Like Musing 2
Feb 2018
#14 Vapor 4
Feb 15
#15 Getting To The Point 3
Feb 16
#16 The Old Man's Porch 3
Feb 17
#17 Infection Of Restraint 4
Feb 17
#18 This Fire 7
Feb 19
#19 Tiny Apple 2
Feb 20
#20 Too Many Bars Blues 2
Feb 21
#21 What To Say 2
Feb 22
#22 Don't Think About It 2
Feb 23
#23 Thinking Of You 3
Feb 24
#24 Wisdom 3
Feb 24
#25 A Great Day 2
Feb 25
#26 Chapter Two 2
Feb 27
#27 Jimmy 2
Feb 28
#28 Fools Gold 1
Feb 28


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  • @scottlake  Mar 6

    Thanks for taking the time to describe your recording method!

  • @billgcaldwell  Feb 25

    Thanks for the words on John Deere Green. Seems my niche may be the humorous song. Ambitious to write 28 songs in 28 days. You are accomplishing it quite well.

  • @klaus  Feb 24

    Hello Jeremy! Thank you so much for your comments on Pink Turns to Red. Glad you wanted to dance awkwardly to it. πŸ˜€ You're heading for a Double Win. That is awesome.

  • @barbara  Feb 17

    Nor was your use of "accident" in your comment overlooked, lol! Thanks for listening and for noticing the double meaning. I often feel like that's what I'm doing, too, noticing that what I just wrote has a double meaning. Good old muse!

  • @hoppiern  Feb 16

    Thanks for your kind comments on my song! 😊

  • @lieke Feb 2018

    Thanks so much for your listen to You're long gone, even in your comments I like your choice of words, you seem to rhyme, haha.
    I get inspired by your lyrics, even by your comments, that's awesome. Thanks!

  • @lazykat Feb 2018

    haha donβ€˜t worry! I know no one would dare to ignore me 😝
    Great that you are recording so much. Looks like a very good fawm year πŸ˜€

  • @dutch1967 Feb 2018

    Jeremy, thank you for getting back to me. Also, don't worry about it. Ride that wave of writing, recording, writing more. That's what this month is about.

  • @aerlyn Jan 2018

    Hey, thanks for the encouragement and advice on songwriting and singing last FAWM!