Jeremy Tharp 22


Portland USA   Feb 2017  

Artist Bio

Influences:   No idea -- I love bluegrass. I love metal. I rarely write either.

Just like 2017, I'm going for at least one song per day.

I'm a wannabe banjo picker, a wannabe guitarist, and a barely singer, but I've written many, many songs. I spend much time wondering why some of the great ones haven't become international successes, and so I pour all that sadness into new ones. Happy songs don't generally come out of me. πŸ˜€

In the recent past (which is what I am calling at least the last 10 years), my songwriting has been spottier, but my song-a-day experiment for last year's FAWM was a huge success, so I'm doing it again.

\m/ { ^ _ ^ } \m/

Songs (22)

#1 Hey Ya 5
3 weeks
#2 There Is No Filter 4
2 weeks
#3 Irresponsibility 5
2 weeks
#4 Curtain Call 2
2 weeks
#5 The Forward Thinker Me 5
2 weeks
#6 Far Away 3
2 weeks
#7 Anyway 2
2 weeks
#8 I Hear Rain 6
2 weeks
#9 I Cursed Everything 2
1 week
#10 The Loneliest Road 2
1 week
#11 Call It A Day 2
1 week
#12 Folks On Fire 2
1 week
#13 What A Robot Sounds Like Musing 2
1 week
#14 Vapor 3
1 week
#15 Getting To The Point 3
1 week
#16 The Old Man's Porch 3
6 days
#17 Infection Of Restraint 4
5 days
#18 This Fire 3
4 days
#19 Tiny Apple 2
3 days
#20 Too Many Bars Blues 2
2 days
#21 What To Say 1
1 day
#22 Don't Think About It ZONG
7 hours


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  • @barbara  5 days

    Nor was your use of "accident" in your comment overlooked, lol! Thanks for listening and for noticing the double meaning. I often feel like that's what I'm doing, too, noticing that what I just wrote has a double meaning. Good old muse!

  • @hoppiern  6 days

    Thanks for your kind comments on my song! 😊

  • @lieke 1 week

    Thanks so much for your listen to You're long gone, even in your comments I like your choice of words, you seem to rhyme, haha.
    I get inspired by your lyrics, even by your comments, that's awesome. Thanks!

  • @lazykat 1 week

    haha donβ€˜t worry! I know no one would dare to ignore me 😝
    Great that you are recording so much. Looks like a very good fawm year πŸ˜€

  • @dutch1967 1 week

    Jeremy, thank you for getting back to me. Also, don't worry about it. Ride that wave of writing, recording, writing more. That's what this month is about.

  • @aerlyn 4 weeks

    Hey, thanks for the encouragement and advice on songwriting and singing last FAWM!