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Knoxville USA   Jan 10  

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Influences:   Blues, jazz, Country and R&B

Music has been a large part of my life. I write for Konai Adelphe which is a gospel singing group of five females which I formed. It helps the ladies are pretty good singers. I've started writing seriously in the the last eight years. Looking to perfect my gift.

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  • @fearlessflight2014  Jan 22

    Welcome! I really hope you have a great month of writing and make lots of new friends. Gospel writing- AWESOME!

  • @guatecoop  Jan 15


  • @cts  Jan 13

    Hello! Welcome to FAWM. I hope you have a wonderful experience. Listen. Comment. Chat up in the forums. It all makes the experience more enjoyable.

  • @ustaknow Jan 10

    An unimportant question but curious since love language:
    "Konai Adelphe"

    "God connected, peaceful sisters" ?
    -- That's a tricky one for me due to "Konai"

    Again, not important, just curious, --etymology is useful in Lyrics and I love to mangle words in part of what I do, --for no good reason really that others may "get".

  • @ustaknow Jan 10

    Oh my... previewed "God Is Watching", what's left to perfect? 😉

    I like the mix, no gimmick just great vocals. Bass, Drums mostly center and with nice L/R vocal separation.

    For "fun" ? , and I take folks "literally" and innocently, so just say'in... for e.g., in that track I wonder if the Vocal, Drums and very nice Bass were not as centered?

    However, that does not mean "better" just my version of different.

    And, my point, -- only very picky style stuff will be the focus of feedback, imo. Or folks will just leave "sounds good like it" (which I feel one should ask for the "why" in it, --if you don't know them, what does that mean?).

    Then I did a 30sec preview of your song list there, and hear, oh my:
    "Free" -- nice!

    "Taste-wise" which is the least of "good" feedback (low relevance), but will comment it, with that preface, "Blessing" -- I like the more "pushed" vocals there. (I just like pushed vocals or close proximity mic-ing, maybe.) I know some singers don't like to push into facial mask or fry it, being cautious of their voices... but, just say'in. Sometimes a hotter mic does that too.

    I don't normally get pulled in, rarely actually, but did this time.

    "Christian" writers, --be prepared, even here do sit under a bit of shade in these places, but, there are a few here and with a nice "balance" of music, art and God ratio. You'll find'em 😀