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Northern California USA   Feb 2013

Artist Bio

Influences:   Folk, filk, nerdcore, choral music, epics, musical theatre, barbershop, Celtic music.

2017: Due to my grandfather's funeral, I was too busy to even think about starting for most of the first week of FAWM.

I thought I was going to do some instrumentals this year, but instead I think I've posted more a capella songs than ever before. Of course, I've never been able to participate in this much of a SuperSkirmish before. If I get my song count up high enough with skirmish songs now, maybe I'll have time for those instrumentals after all?

2016: I somehow didn't make the connection until well into the month of February, after finding myself doing a lot of songwriting, that this is when FAWM happens. So I'm starting late but at least I've got a head start on it? lol

I gave myself permission to write very short songs, thinking it would help me catch up. These short songs quickly took over my entire FAWM. I wrote 10 superhero themes and 10 songs forming a mini-musical. By the end, instead of fulfilling the leap-FAWM challenge by writing 14 and a half songs in 29 days, I wrote 28 half-songs and in half the time.

I got some actual recording equipment for Christmas, so hopefully what you hear from me this year will be a little higher quality.


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  • @debs  Feb 25

    Hi sweetie! I'm sorry yo hear about your grandfather. ❤️ Just checking in to see how you're doing in morph-land. I have tomorrow free (but not Monday or Tuesday), so if you if you haven't started yet I'm happy to jump on Helen's and get it back to you quickly. Hopefully we can both sneak songs in before the end. 😀

  • @izaakalexander  Feb 18

    Auntie Sin and Morph challenges always show up at the same time, don't they. 😀 How's the Anti-song coming along!?

  • @helenseviltwin  Feb 14

    It's morphy morphy funtimes!

  • @inger Feb 14

    Haha, thank you for your kind comment!

  • @bithprod Feb 12

    First of all, sorry to hear about your grandfather. Anyway, looks like we're random collab partners. What approach would you prefer?

  • @insaneian Feb 11

    Thanks for commenting on my dream song! I too do a lot of nerdcore and filk stuff...I'm actually a 2nd generation nerd musician myself (my parents had a filk group called the Omicron Ceti 3)

  • @metalfoot  Feb 10

    Here, have 10 seconds toward your contribution to Corpse: Exhibit C

    I was doing a descending G->F#->F->E riff if that helps? I tried a bit of a weird-to-me instrumentation so... yeah. Have fun!

  • @popmythology  Feb 10

    Is is your first FAWM? Welcome!