Chrstvferd 8


Somerset USA   Jan 26

Artist Bio

The Catmaster

Songs (8)

#1 FAWM-1 5
Feb 6
#2 FAWM-2 4
Feb 7
#3 FAWM-3 5
Feb 12
#4 FAWM-4 6
Feb 12
#5 FAWM-5 (Chrstvferd x The Flow) 3
Feb 13
#6 FAWM-6 (V-Day I'm @#*$&%!ing Sad) 1
Feb 15
#7 FAWM-7 (be a big boi) 4
Feb 16
#8 FAWM-8 1
Feb 22


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  • @devindesu  Feb 7

    Thanks for the nice comment on my 003 - Baba Ganoush. That means a lot coming from a more experienced Dojo member. <3

  • @dumpbutton Feb 6

    @chrstvferd Yep, My best ideas definitely come by accident!!!

  • @devindesu  Feb 6

    Yay looking forward to your stuff!

  • @dumpbutton Feb 2

    I decided to do FAWM after reading Spiderhound's post in the Dojo FB page today. I love producing (mostly under the moniker WAVEMA) but miss the live and improvised aspect of playing drums in a band. I recently realized after watching an Eoto show on YouTube that I wanted to strive to create Live and Improvised electronic music. I will be using FAWM 2018 and this new project as an opportunity to create a live Album made solely by improvisation and live looping in Ableton Live.

  • @natrin Jan 31


  • @fearlessflight2014  Jan 30

    So good to see you here with us this year, hope you have a great FAWM! 😀

  • @spiderhound1  Jan 28

    Welcome to FAWM, Chris! Looking forward to a productive month!