Chip Withrow 25


Florida USA   Jan 2008

Artist Bio

Influences:   Last year, I listed some influences. All day long, I've been trying to think of how to update here. What I've come up with: If you listen to my songs and know my age (52 in March) you can probably figure out my influences.

This is my 11th (!) FAWM. I've also done 9 50/90s.
The last two FAWMs, my bio has read: husband, dad, dog petter, yogi, troubadour, semi-accomplished multi-instrumentalist, beachcomber, gardener.
This year I'll add: Meditator, custodian, beer drinker, sunrise/sunset watcher.
Profile picture (a self portrait): Wife and I own a yoga studio and occasionally I play music there. Sanskrit translates as "May all beings everywhere be happy and free."

Songs (25)

#1 In Between 18
Feb 2
#2 Meet Me At the County Fair 18
Feb 3
#3 Ram Is the Sound 11
Feb 4
#4 Duet For Uke and Padauk 16
Feb 5
#5 Beg for a Hard-Boiled Egg 24
Feb 6
#6 This Rainy Day 11
Feb 8
#7 Drunk On Love 16
Feb 9
#8 Every Day Is Christmas Eve 12
Feb 11
#9 Morning Conversation 14
Feb 12
#10 Song Stuck In my Throat 15
Feb 13
#11 Medicine Taking Mantra 9
Feb 15
#12 Romina 8
Feb 16
#13 I Made It To 52 14
Feb 18
#14 Another Song 11
Feb 19
#15 Duet For Ukulele and Harmonium 14
Feb 20
#16 Valley of Flowers 16
Feb 21
#17 Hiranya 7
Feb 22
#18 Mean Ol' Martha @sjbatavia  10
Feb 23
#19 Potato Guy 12
Feb 25
#20 4-Note Melody Waltz 10
Feb 25
#21 Beer Drinking Wife 19
Feb 26
#22 Community @cts  14
Feb 27
#23 What the Hell Has Been Eating My Greens? 13
Feb 28
#24 Muddy Muddy Waters @sjbatavia  15
Feb 28
#25 Bounce 13
Mar 1


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  • @siebass  Mar 30

    Thanks for your comment on 3 shots of Applejack, singin' sweet Caroline. Too tough to put to music for now; maybe one day in the future.

  • @leepat  Mar 27

    Hi Chip, thanks for listening to Make your Joy - glad you liked it! It also turns out we share a birthday 😀

  • @wacha  Mar 20

    Thank you for your kind words on "Such a Sin", I wasn't sure how I felt about that one when I was working on it but it grew on me. I occasionally play my electric out when I do shows and I always get a great response.

  • @musicsongwriter Mar 19

    Thank you Chip for both comments. I had a collaboration coming with some instruments added but so far it hasn't happen. So even with the collaboration so far it would have been an instrumental.
    It was wonderful to collaborate with Alex again.
    Hope one day we collaborate on something.

  • @letyourhairdown Mar 19

    Thank you for listening and for your super nice comments. We are definitely planning on writing more music together in the coming months... 😀

  • @metalfoot  Mar 19

    Thanks Chip! Nadia always makes such delightful music. I love working with her.

  • @rustyp  Mar 19

    Hey Chip, Thanks so much for your kind comments on my songs. First FAWM and I really dug it Thank you for helping me to continue the enjoyment. 😀

  • @billwhite51 Mar 14

    thanks for your comment on the wife. its always fun ooking for a voice for maddies characters. ive been commenting on songs by peiple who say they will be here this month. out of about 30 people who were new to me,, only three respnded to my comments, so i dont know if they are really checking in or not.

  • @sbs2018 Mar 12

    Thank you for your supportive comment on Hooked on a Feeling - I must get back to that.

  • @wacha  Mar 12

    Thank you for your kind words on "Follow Me".

  • @billwhite51 Mar 9

    thanks for your commennts on tobacco stains. i quit 30 years ago and dont miss it, but still occasionally smoke in my dreams, but i have really cut down on my dream smoking maybe someday ill quit.

  • @stevenwesleyguiles  Mar 8

    The version of Garageband I was using was on the Mac, so, it's a little more powerful, but it's CRAZY what the phone version can do too! It's a seriously powerful music creation tool!

  • @sph  Mar 5

    Thanks for listening to my songs "King.." and "Don't trust...". Right now I'm happy with the sketches and just too tired for recording again.
    But thanks for your suggestion not to add too much when expanding on the songs.

  • @roy  Mar 5

    Just thought I'd let you know the final version of "Jet Pack" is up; different completely than what you heard before (the audio was a placeholder from something completely different by accident).

    Thanks for listening before, hope you get a chance to hear the "real" version here:

  • @audrey  Mar 4

    Thank you for your kind words on my song "Blueberry Island". I appreciate it, and I'm glad you liked it.

  • @klyn Mar 4

    Thank you for taking the time to visit our song "Jet Pack". We had a technical issue and the system actually plugged in the link for one of our other songs & we could not get it out of there until tonight. Completely different style now & includes the vocals. If you get a chance check it out. Thank you for your positivity songs! I really enjoy the positive vibes.

  • @songwritingzen  Mar 4

    Thanks so much for your comments on "Am I Honestly In Love" glad you liked it 😀

  • @audrey  Mar 3

    Thank you for your kind words on my song "Hate". I appreciate it.

  • @jamkar  Mar 3

    Thank you Chip. You inspire me!

  • @fonte  Mar 2

    Ahhh thanks so much for your thoughtful feedback and for sitting through all of 'alone'! It makes more sense with the vocals when I get them done but glad some of the build and tension is coming through on the instrumental!

  • @mishykatz  Mar 2

    And the comments on Full of Empty 😉 thank you!

  • @mishykatz  Mar 2

    Thank you so much for the listen and comments on Unexpected Dividend, much appreciated! Muse on!

  • @defaultdave  Mar 2

    And thanks for the compliment on “Frustration in Gm”. I try my best, harps my main thing and so many others that are so much better. Nice to hear these components.

  • @defaultdave  Mar 2

    Thanks for checking out “The Stranger”. Yes it’s part of my concept albums.
    Have found concept albums work well for me. Find a theme, and choose and location and try to make it contained.

  • @oblivionratula  Mar 1

    Thanks for the listen/comment on the baritone duet with my daughter. It was great fun. I'd have pressed for perfection, but her time is precious, (she's also an Irish dancer and gearing up for St. Patrick's shows) so I took what I could get.

  • @whispermouse  Feb 28

    Thanks for listening! "Springdale" is NOT about the town in Ohio 😀

  • @tan482  Feb 28

    Banjo-picking day sounds awesome! Thanks for stopping by to listen!

  • @cts  Feb 28

    Glad you liked it. This is just a very rough outline. I'm going to tighten it up in March. Work is being pretty brutal right now, so I'm just putting up placeholders until things clear up. I hope we can do more songs together. Thanks again!

  • @acousticmaddie  Feb 27

    Hi and thank you for your kind comment on she can scare a gun.
    You are free to do that song to your own as I am not using it for further productions. But of course I would like to hear it and be credited for the lyrics (Credit with acousticmaddie)

  • @reisupstudio  Feb 26

    Thank you for listening and congratulations on 20 songs! I will take a listen!

  • @reisupstudio  Feb 26

    Thank you for listening and congratulations on 20 songs! I will take a listen!

  • @tamsnumber4 Feb 26

    Thanks for coming by for a listen, I appreciate your encouragement, I worked on three songs yesterday to get to my trophy and I had an unhappy family, so I came off a little down, but I am sporting my trophy and feeling better!!

  • @mom23gals  Feb 26

    Hey! Thanks for stopping by and adding such kind, complementary comments on my songs. I still feel like a beginner, and this year I'm so hampered by not being able to play my violin much, but kind critiques and appreciative listeners like you are so appreciated. 😀

  • @jibbidy34  Feb 26

    Oh my goodness Dupletarion Warrior you are AWESOME!! You took the time to write 200 comments and listen to all those songs! Thanks for your hefty contribution to our community. You have 200 thank you’s from your fellow FAWMers and from me! Excellent work and keep busting’ those zongs!!

  • @tan482  Feb 26

    Thanks for stopping by to listen and for your kind words!

  • @mleverette  Feb 26

    @chipwithrow I sent you an email. 😀
    Thanks for your comment on Nothing Compares. Thanks for your encouragement.

  • @billgcaldwell  Feb 25

    Hey thanks for commenting on my song "Star". Sometimes life will throw you a curve that ends up being wonderful.

  • @moonraccoon  Feb 25

    Thank you for your kind comments on He Got No More to Say. Yes, that's a great line of @acousticmaddie's -- amongst many great lines.

  • @mikeskliar  Feb 23

    Yes you guessed the Dylan reference correctly !

  • @sbs2018 Feb 23

    Thanks for the insightful comment on John Madison.

  • @aprilm  Feb 21

    Thanks! Fork It Over was a fun song to do!

  • @leepat  Feb 21

    hey, thanks for stopping by and glad i spiced up your morning coffee 😀 in truth, what you're hearing is what i haven't managed to forget in 20 yrs of inactivity... let's just say Om

  • @jenniferlevenhagen  Feb 21

    Chip, thank you so much for your meaningful comments on Fly Beneath The Earth. I really appreciate it. I'll take a listen to yours too!

  • @tiller2  Feb 21

    moved to "52"

  • @tiller2  Feb 21

    Hi Chip, thanks for listening to Hinkypunk and for your kind comments--I appreciate it.

    FYI, the paint card challenge:

  • @mkd  Feb 20

    Thank you so much for your lovely words on the Story Time Waltz! Was pleased to finally include some uke.

  • @vomvorton  Feb 20

    Thanks Chip! It's interesting watching videos of 4'33" performances (erm.. up to a point), some people take it really seriously and to others it's clearly a huge joke but it's a fun concept.

  • @rayboneor  Feb 17

    Hey, thanks for the nice comment. No one's ever accused me of giving my guitar playing any attention. In this case--Thanksgiving--I actually did practice a bit and give it a little thought 😀

  • @oblivionratula  Feb 17

    I'm glad you dug "Broken Down in Fargo." I feel you on the 'missing' chorus repeat. The track was literally built from noodling around with a new (to me) amp I just happened to record and the rest was done around that, so I didn't have another chorus. 😁 If I get around to re-working it after the month is done, I'll flesh it out. Thanks again.

  • @mantra  Feb 16

    Mhh hwhh mrr, aow eeh eew ehhm mmm mh mh mh. Eow aew hhrr rrr mew.
    [Thank you for your comments. 🐾
    My brother @mojo started catcore in 2009. He didn't want to just watch our human making music, he wanted to take part too. He sang and played the piano, but me I'm more into instrumental catcore (there will be the occasional meow here and there, but I'm not a singer.) My human has become a specialist of collaborations with cats. She says it's a great way to keep exploring unknown sonic territories, and to renew her musical approach.]

  • @kenjku  Feb 16

    Thanks a bunch! I’m glad the sounds translated well with the words. Especially since you live by a river. Thanks for listening.

  • @scubed  Feb 15

    Thank you for the lovely comment on "The Bluebird and the Crow"!

  • @soulbird Feb 15

    thanks very much for your kind words on 'septemberblue'.

  • @mungus  Feb 14

    Thank's for listening again dude, I'm glad you heard a cinematic quality, I'm very chuffed with that!

  • @cindyrella  Feb 14

    Thanks for the listen on our Valentine Box song. That is sweet that you had memories too.

  • @jibbidy34  Feb 13

    Congratulations Centurion Soldier! You wrote 100 comments for your fellow FAWMers!! You made this place even better. You took your time to listen to other people's songs and you have 100 thank you's from all of them and from me! Here’s your badge. Excellent work and keep busting’ those zongs!!

  • @aprilm  Feb 13

    Thanks for your kind comments on Let Me In. 😀

  • @srcoops Feb 13

    Thanks for your kind words regarding Sing Me A Country Song

  • @tjod Feb 11

    Thanks for the comment Chip! Yep, there's a nod to Cohen in each verse (a lyric snip from the original song)... It was also the song my 12 yr old daughter (the character in the first verse) chose to sing acapella at her school talent show!

  • @thealphabettisystem  Feb 11

    Hi Chip,
    Thanks for the comment.
    Yeah if you want to use any of my tracks feel free. I have no objections.
    Cheers Mark.

  • @mikeskliar  Feb 11

    thanks for listening- and yes.. sometimes 'space' was a great highlight of the show, and toward the end of the GD run (by the early 90's) all that midi stuff they were using got quite incredible to hear at times... there's a really strange but interesting cd they released of 'all space' called 'infared roses' you may know, btw. (tho yeah, a little of that goes a long way) anyway, i need to hear more of yours, have a great fawm!

  • @cts  Feb 11

    Thanks for dropping by, Chip. Did you ever get my message about collaborating? I have a track that I've been working off and on this week. Send your ingredients and I'll send you mine if you're interested!

  • @tseaver  Feb 9

    Thanks for your comment on my "Before the Coffee Kicks In." I just updated the demo, transposing and adding vocals.

  • @mmmmarcus  Feb 9

    Thank you very much for the kind words on the duett! Glad you liked it!

  • @headfirstonly  Feb 9

    Thanks for your kind words, Chip - it's always inspiring when people like what they hear!

  • @acousticmaddie  Feb 9

    Thank you for your always supportive attitude and today for the very kind comment on our duett.

  • @sunnymae  Feb 9

    Hey Chip! thanks for dropping by and leaving your comments on House of crumbles. I really enjoyed the challenge of taking inspiration from someone else's tune and remaking it
    Looks like you've got some nice output here I'm going to take a listen. I see you're in Florida I'll be playing down in the Fort Lauderdale area in early April!

  • @metalfoot  Feb 9

    Glad you liked The Bell. I'm fond of it.

  • @fuzzy  Feb 8

    Yes, the Melodica is so much fun to play!

  • @jamkar  Feb 8

    Great start Chip! You will be there in no time!

  • @ayehahmur  Feb 8

    Thanks for the encouragement, Chip. I really wasn't sure about that song. It really helps to get some reassuring comments.

  • @ustaknow Feb 7

    Thank you, --appreciate that.

    I think, you and andy like me, only comment when "feeling it"... otherwise not, --great way to go.

    So, hearing from you, as I've come to know you, andy etc. over time, that kind of "short hand" is effective, --or, 😀 I'd not hear from you, well... generally speaking, baring busy life issues etc.

    So, just say'in... 😝

  • @spirulence  Feb 6

    Chip! Glad to see you here. I am digging your work to date - more comments incoming.

  • @mkd  Feb 6

    Thanks for your comment on Homework Sucks! It feels a very different offering from my other two and I was quite uncertain about sharing it, so am quite taken back by the positive responses!

  • @pamgrisham Feb 6

    Hi Chip, thank you for your kind and encouraging words on The Real Thing. Your music is inspirational; I wanna write a song using a uke!

  • @acousticmaddie  Feb 5

    Thank you for commenting on my song. So nice to have you here

  • @cts  Feb 5

    Hey Chip! Thanks for coming by. I'm currently working on a Collab, but when I'm done, are you interested in doing something?

  • @jibbidy34  Feb 4

    Hello Chip! Great seein’ ya back here!

  • @karlsburg25  Feb 4

    Ha ha. Cheers mate. Yeah i enjoyed that one a lot

  • @sjbatavia  Feb 4

    I'd be down for collaborating on some bluegrass songs. Let me know if interested.

  • @leah0k  Feb 4

    Thanks so much! It was kind of hard for me to keep the piano that simple so I’m glad you said it worked 😀 I’m always questioning myself! Haha

  • @mungus  Feb 3

    Thanks for the comments dude, I really appreciate it - I think the ambition was a heavy price to pay - couldn't finish it before end of yesterday and it's a late submission today - ahah, So far behind so soon!

    Thanks again!

  • @pinky  Feb 3

    Haha, I totally started thinking about a downtempo country song when I was typing out the lyrics for a second time.

  • @mkd  Feb 3

    Thank you for your comment on Mother Song. I’m fighting a cold at the mo, so my voice is slightly more gravelly than normal, but I think you’re right that it adds to the kind of stripped-away integrity of the mother’s (my) response. Thanks!

  • @aprilm  Feb 3

    Thanks so much for your kind words. I am so pleased you enjoyed Stay the Night. It's nice to be back here and be with you and my other FAWM friends

  • @karlsburg25  Feb 3

    Thanks for that mate. That was a reaction to the non studio i had all last year. I have righted it with my second song 😉

  • @driftwood1  Feb 2

    Thanks for the listen and the kind words!

  • @tan482  Jan 30

    Hi from Melbourne, Australia!

  • @slu22 Jan 29

    Happy FAWMing Chip!

  • @jkolb  Jan 29

    Greetings from St. Pete.

  • @arthurrossi Jan 28

    Hi Chip! Nice to see you here again for another FAWM... Have a great February!

  • @kahlo2013  Jan 26

    Hi Chip! Wishing you a FAWMtastic month!

  • @cts  Jan 25

    Chip. I'm writing some ideas on lots and lots of sticky notes. You interested in an open mic at the Jelly Factory?

  • @bking  Jan 23

    Hi Chip. Since you're here, I can only guess that Irma didn't give you too much trouble. Welcome back.

  • @karlsburg25  Jan 22

    Hey hey Mr chip. Good to see you. hope life is splendid and very much looking forward to your output

  • @oneslowtyper  Jan 2018

    Howdy Chip, counting down the days till we all get the ball rolling again. Here's to the songs we made, and to the ones still out there!

  • @max  Jan 2018


  • @downburst  Jan 2018

    Hey, Chip! Good to see you here as always. Happy fawming!

  • @cts  Jan 2018

    We. Us. Yes?

  • @andygetch  Jan 2018

    Hi neighbor!