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Patonga NSW 2256 Australia   Jan 2013  

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Influences:   Songwriter Influences: Anything that's intelligently written with a decent melody and emotional impact. Movie influences : Anything with music, drama and comedy I did have a small list of names for both these influences, but this year I'll be deliberately vague and opt for a cryptic mystique cos I can ;)

Year 5 already?

*Looks back at all the songs she's written since then, all thanks to the FAWM community*

This year should be interesting - I'm on a short study break, while looking for a new job - which means I'll be torn between studying like I'm supposed to against writing songs cos I want to LOL

Not sure what kinda magic will come out of my fingertips this year but hopefully out of the 14-20 songs, I'll come up with something decent.

PS - the map says I'm in Patonga ... that's not entirely true. Technically I'm in Woy Woy.

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