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Chicago USA   Jan 2016  

Artist Bio

Influences:   Indigo Girls, Melissa Etheridge, Fleetwood Mac, S.J. Tucker

I have played music since before I could reach the foot pedals on my family's Lowrey organ. Mainly a guitarist and also a drummer, I play with Random Fractions (formerly known as Three-Fifths) and Toyboat mostly at sci-fi cons but also at bars, houses, and outdoor fests. I recently joined the Canticles Productions family as a studio musician. I've collaborated with other musicians for live performances and recordings. This year I am focused on researching and songwriting for a specific project: one song or chant for each of the 24 Elder Futhark runes. I wrote one last year ("Games"), and I'm stealing another ("Shadows") because it's works better than anything new I could write for that one, so that leaves me 22 to go if I include them all. But I'll settle for 14, and the rest will get done eventually and all recorded far better.


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  • @ericdistad  Mar 1

    Congrats on hitting 14!

  • @benbarden Feb 2018

    Hey, thank you for commenting on "Moonlight"! 😀

  • @philkmills  Feb 2018

    Thanks for the comment on Catch The Moon. Re: Upper part of my range...I think I missed by about a fifth in that first verse. 😁

  • @dannen Feb 2018

    Thanks for your comment on my song Midnight on the Water. Hopefully I'll get Hubby to slow down and play it on his fiddle.

  • @dannen Feb 2018

    Thank you for your input on my song Midnight on the Water, I've added an audio demo. I'd love for you to check it out.

  • @eringoblog Feb 2018

    Hey, Cathy! Thanks so much for your comment. I'm glad you like the song. <3

  • @ericdistad  Jan 2018

    Yay! Great to see you back again Cathy! I'm looking forward to new music from you! 😀