caterwauler 16


France   Feb 2008

Artist Bio

Influences:   @mojo ; @hoopshank

I'm a writer and music maker hailing from France.
I use words to create worlds, and music to explore them.

Songs (16)

#1 The Lights Of Erendhia 37
Feb 1
#2 The Road To Corfhos 21
Feb 3
#3 Nando's Vagaries 17
Feb 5
#4 Fallout 17
Feb 7
#5 Here, Now 17
Feb 8
#6 Sagornbrelon 9
Feb 10
#7 The Crystals 14
Feb 11
#8 Dreomor's Courage 11
Feb 14
#9 Blizzard 9
Feb 16
#10 The Garkhor 9
Feb 18
#11 Worried 10
Feb 20
#12 Surreptitious 8
Feb 22
#13 Oxygen 10
Feb 24
#14 Called To Arms @mantra 11
Feb 27
#15 61 Ways 10
Feb 28
#16 Rhapsody @mojo 13
Feb 28


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  • @kevinreid Mar 26

    I haven't written any new songs in over a year, but I may do some new work this summer and/or next FAWM.

  • @mikedebenham  Mar 6

    By 'lighter' I didn't mean light-hearted so much as light-footed, nimbler maybe, the sort of melodies I generally associate with smaller forces. I'm not at all trying to nudge you in that direction; you know I love what you're doing. I was just remembering a friend of mine who was comfortable producing a particular sound, although the music itself suggested he wanted to move to a different idiom. The music knew before he did, in a way. I was curious if a similar thing was happening here, but I think you've just mastered your bigger sound to the point where you can now make it feel 'small', if that makes any sense.

    'Only' 4.5 octaves! 😝

  • @alphanerg Mar 6

    Also, I enjoy that a lot of the songs made you think of some kind of story to go with it. Re: The Golden Bot, I wasn't specifically thinking of Torchlight 2 when I wrote that song, but I have played a bunch of Torchlight 2, and I can totally picture that!

  • @alphanerg Mar 6

    Thank you for all the comments! I really appreciate it. Most people don't like to correct grammar, because people may think that you are being a "gramar nazi". But since (i think) english is not your first language I thought you wouldn't mind, and I am glad you didn't. I will certainly try out when I get a chance. If you want to send me your username I will add you when I make my account, my email is

  • @mikedebenham  Mar 6

    'I would be curious to hear "that lilting melody [...] as a solo folk song". I tried to imagine it but couldn't.'

    No? Thirty seconds after picking up my guitar:

    I love your big choral treatments, but your melodies work well in more intimate settings too.

  • @sueawesome Mar 5

    (now that I've read through your bio, I'm sure you aren't up for or have time for doing a post fawm collab, so no worries with that)

  • @sueawesome Mar 5

    It's exciting. I guess what I'm trying to say with my rambling is that I love how your writing and music are connected and one helps to support the other. And it's just beautiful music and stories so I'm excited for the novel.
    (Sorry for the long soundboard message)

  • @sueawesome Mar 5

    How fascinating that your songs go with your novel and help the development of the characters and landscapes. Does anyone else on planet earth do that?!? How peculiar and amazing. Years ago I would write here and there (random thoughts/feelings) as a way to harness things going on in my head but I would write them in my own coded language. It wasn't until attempting to write a song with a friend of mine, that he then put to music, that I thought of trying to put the coded language in some type of lyric format. After joining fawm some years ago, and pushing myself to write a lot in a short amount of focused days, I felt like I had found the exact release button I needed. I'm an artist (painter/sculptor) first and foremost, but now that it's been a few years of fawming I'm seeing that my art and my lyric writing are interconnected and influence each other and help each other out. Which has inspired a very new experiment in my art that I'm exploring right now. ....

  • @sueawesome Mar 5

    I can't tell you how many attempts I've made to come listen to some of your songs (you left a real nice comment on my demo with iwilleatyou). I've also come across your name in other spots and would think, oh yeah need to go check out her stuff, then I'd finish listening to whatever, write my comment and forget to come visit you by the time I was done. Finally here.. yay!

  • @connorsawaske Mar 1

    Just popped in after a few years to see what some of my favorite FAWMers are up to. I'm pretty sure we both started the same year... Awesome to see that you're still here and putting stuff out that's better than ever. Sorry to hear about your hard times.

  • @prsrose  Mar 1

    Thanks for all your thoughtful comments on my 'sketches'... this year's FAWM seems to have been the year of planting seeds for a later seasonal sprout perhaps... I look forward to listening to your tracks with due attention.

  • @rayboneor  Mar 1

    You're too kind. I'm so happy this thing is over, but I'm happy I stuck it out till the end--and that you did too

  • @apertome  Mar 1

    BTW, I saw your comment about L. Subramaniam -- I googled him and couldn't believe I'd never heard of him. I must rectify that. Any suggestions for where to start? looks like he has a pretty huge discography. Thanks so much for the recommendation/comparison.

    I see you finished and then some, congrats!

  • @alphanerg Feb 28

    I am so sorry to hear about mojo....... I really enjoyed that project and i can't imagine what a mess i will be when i lose my 4 legged friend. 😞

  • @candle Feb 28

    Congrats on your FAWM win this year. I know it was a struggle, but then it always is for all of us, I think. That's part of the joy of taking up the challenge. And of course, thank you for all of your lovely comments on my songs this year. I always value your opinions of my work & look forward to our discussions every year. Soyez bien.

    On Ce Vera Dans Les Ombres…

  • @iwilleatyou Feb 28

    And thank YOU for your beautiful music! And as stated, much respect for giving Mojo a full life (and making Mantra a photo star 😉
    Yes, let's be in touch post FAWM and I'll do my best to write during the year. It's all on a day to day basis for me depending on work (and that TRUMP guy).

  • @iwilleatyou Feb 28

    Haha! Thanks for sending the good vibes! However, today is my day off from work for this week so I am going to enjoy it by doing NOTHING. I'm out for FAWM 2017. Too jaded to even think about writing a song. I see you've been busy though so off I go to listen 😀

  • @apertome  Feb 27

    Thanks again for such insightful comments. Congrats on reaching 14 songs! (yes I see the cheat tags, whatever!)

    Interesting that you use guitar so frequently but it's often not recognizable (I love guitars that sound like synths, synths that sound like guitars, birds that sound like synths and synths that sound like cicadas, etc!)

  • @engebretsen  Feb 26

    Thx for comments on "I don`t believe you" I am really happy that you think the Norwegian Version is best. I am more confident in this as you also say. Must hear Your "created" languane some day. Link?

  • @ihelen  Feb 26

    Thank you for commenting on my songs! I do enjoy learning languages very much. If I had more time and energy this month, I would've attempted one in French. That's one of my weaker languages though, because I only studied it for 2 years in college. Anyhow, your bio is very impressive and your songs just as grand sounding. Hope you're enjoying your weekend - you've done so much work here with your music, you definitely deserve a rest now and then!

  • @caterwauler  Feb 25

    ♫♪♫I'm stuck, stuck, stuck
    So I'm going to cheat, cheat, cheat...♪♫♪

  • @iwilleatyou Feb 25

    Believe me- i am used to it as far as pics so no worries on my end. My sister alone texts me pics all the time (she just sent one a week ago very similar to the one you just posted except it's her dog with headphones). It makes me laugh.
    With Mantra's look you could have called the album, "This mix sounds like shit".

  • @iwilleatyou Feb 23

    28 songs???? How in the world??? 12 songs is plenty especially with the type of detailed full production writing that you do. There's only a few days left in February so I say grab some wine, sit back, and celebrate with Mantra 😀
    Pulga is Spanish for "flea". She was full of fleas when she was rescued (she was a stray).

  • @iwilleatyou Feb 23

    I would be VERY interested in hearing about Mojo being a healer. Ever since the arrival (and departure) of my cat (her name was Pulga) I have been fascinated in studying felines. As you say, it's definitely a topic via email. I can't discuss the details behind her here.

  • @iwilleatyou Feb 22

    Quote-"It worked so well with @mojo that I wouldn't be able to play the same kind of stuff without him, if I tried to".
    Bingo. Other non human earthly companions are dynamite in assisting with creating with the sub conscious. When it does happen (like with you and Mojo), it's a great blessing/gift.
    I myself lost a feline companion Sept 2015 and it was a very challenging time for me as she was a very very special being. Way beyond what I had expected.
    I would listen to her as a reference of whether or not I was taking too long on a song. So if she came to me meowing or if she stood at my doorway, I knew I had taken too long on a song. It was scary how accurate she was. I also listen to spiders. If I see a spider I know I am on the "right path" as far as if the song is "correct" and especially if i have doubts. There are spiders all over the place here (and I love it because it looks like halloween 24/7).
    You and Mojo really took this to a whole different level though which is aweso

  • @rayboneor  Feb 21

    You are far too generous with your comments. I always say you should make sure your vaccinations are up-to-date before spending that much time listening to my stuff.

    French? I suppose I do speak French. Some decades ago I studied philosophy and political science in Nice and Paris. I rarely speak these days, but reading is not a problem. I listen to Europe 1 on my iPhone sometimes, which is great as long as they don't interview someone from outside Paris

  • @prsrose  Feb 20

    Shaman - will add to the list of words 😉 good call.

  • @iwilleatyou Feb 19

    As far as where i get my ideas, I just let the "higher self" or "sub-conscious" take over as much as possible. It's something I learned from people who do readings in Santeria/Ifa/Voodoo etc.
    Sure they use shells and rocks and the "opuele" etc.-just another form of computing really- to do readings but they also have to get the Ego(God) mind out of the way. That's what I attempt to do as much as possible when I conjure songs. FAWM let's me do this immaculately because, well, no time for being nit picky. No time for the Ego. It's fun 😀

  • @kathym  Feb 18

    <3 so so much for the comments on Broken Pennies. When I first got the idea, I was feeling hopeless and sad, so knowing that I treated the character with compassion and that it comes across that way, sad but someone who deserves some empathy, meant a lot. Thank you so much!

  • @kathym  Feb 18

    <3 Alternate Facts - I'm glad you perceived the childlike style of the song, because really, it's just that simple. Facts are facts and lies are lies. I think playing it on the uke would also give it the lightness to carry it off the way I hear it in my head.

  • @kathym  Feb 18

    <3 on Quietly In My Heart. I tried to picture him doing the things we do when we settle in for the night. I haven't decided if I'm going to let him hear it at an open mic. I still have to get it to where I want it. 😀

  • @kathym  Feb 18

    <3 on Quietly In My Heart. I tried to picture him doing the things we do when we settle in for the night. I haven't decided if I'm going to let him hear it at an open mic. I still have to get it to where I want it. 😀

  • @acousticmaddie  Feb 17

    Thanks for the nice comments on On your knees

  • @iwilleatyou Feb 15

    Updated the email 😀

  • @candle Feb 15

    Toravar has finally arrived:

    On Ce Vera Dans Les Ombres…

  • @candle Feb 15

    And thank you for your other comments as well. Re: Buzzing Paradoxes. I think if I'm experimenting with sounds or techniques, I should share my methodology so that others might be inspired to try similar things or experiment in their own way. It's all about sharing information to inspire. I guess I did put a lot of thought into that one, tho, the song came together quickly for me. But then, it was mostly randomly generated, so that's probably why it came together so quickly LOL.

    On Ce Vera Dans Les Ombres…

  • @candle Feb 15

    Merci pour le Zongbust sur I'd Die For You. Like I said, it's an old song and over the years I've learned to find the right sort of passion the vocals require. I just figured I needed to post a love song on Valentine's Day, so I dug one up out of the archive. Not planning on counting it as part of my FAWM count.

    I understand that it'll be the end of book 1, but even the end of the first book of a series needs some type of climax or cliff-hanger (or both). I'm looking forward to seeing where the story goes.

    Merci encore,

    On Ce Vera Dans Les Ombres…

  • @kathym  Feb 15

    I completely understand your thoughts about keeping the loss of hoops respectful and how some might misunderstand the intent. As you may know, I was a fan of mojo's. Please feel free to call on me if you find the need and you will find a friend in me. Take good care and we'll be in touch.

  • @kevinreid Feb 15

    I'm glad to see you immersing yourself in your music, even if the other parts of your life have been difficult. You are still an inspiration to me - even when I'm not FAWMing. I'll be back later this month to listen to your new songs.

  • @kathym  Feb 15

    I am so very sorry to learn of mojo's passing. I lost my beloved Hobo over two years ago and still feel his absence every day. I also went through a lot of loss in a relatively short time and multiple unexpected changes in my life and am still trying to get the pieces reassembled properly, so I can pick up where I left off.
    I hope that things improve for you as time passes. Some things we simply have no control over, no matter what decisions we try to make to keep moving forward as we work through things that happen.

  • @candle Feb 14

    LOL, no Toravor is not mistreating me. I'm just pressed for time & his theme is a little more intricate then the two songs I posted today. Tonight is my Friday night at work (my current work schedule has me working Friday to Tuesday) so I have tomorrow & Thursday to dedicate to FAWM. I'm hoping to finish Toravor tomorrow.

    I'm looking forward to the climax of your story, it's been quite the journey over the last couple of years. I think I will be sad to see it finished. But then, you've always said you have a lot of stories to tell. There will be others I can't wait to read about & listen to.

    On Ce Vera Dans Les Ombres…

  • @metalfoot  Feb 14

    Thanks for your kind word about my vocals on "The Road is Long, Lord"...and thanks for listening!

  • @geronimodeleon Feb 13

    I've begun following your progress this FAWM.
    May it be a time of healing, comfort and epiphany.
    As usual, lovely, epic work that never ceases to encourage me.
    Blessings for you and yours.

  • @iwilleatyou Feb 12

    You're right, French is a bit rough in terms of creating a musical flow. I do love the sound of it though. What you are doing vocally (Vaerin) is really cool. It's similar to what the japanese noise band Ruins did (they sing in their own constructed language and i think they have an alphabet to go along with it but I could be wrong on that) I do have songs where I am "singing", actually just making sounds that fit to the music (no lyrics) so it becomes universal, but it's not a language. I may go back to that and do one for this FAWM. Thanks for offering to share your darker music! Most definitely would love to hear them. I have no Facebook or the like (can't stand it to be honest). I just have an email if that's ok with you.

  • @iwilleatyou Feb 11

    Re: unable to sing in Spanish- How about singing in French? That would be quite good to sing in french over your soundscapes. I would love to hear something like that.

  • @candle Feb 11

    Merci beaucoup pour vos commentaires. I always appreciate your thoughts on my music. I find it interesting that you feel like a choir was singing in Signals. I find I often want to work choirs into some of my songs & Signals is one of those. Tho, I think a choir might take away from the guitar, which is the foundation of the song. But I guess some sense of that came through in my playing. As for Ecstasy, like I said in my liner notes, it's the most personal song I've ever written. I'm glad that comes through in the performance. Encore, merci pour vos mots.

    On Ce Vera Dans Les Ombres…

  • @candle Feb 11

    Of course, I can send you the original WAV files via Dropbox. I'll see if I can get them up on Dropbox over the weekend. Your welcome.

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @thelunggod Feb 8

    Woo. Yeah i named my last album after my handle so i didn't want people searching for my album title and finding my scratch tracks! Glad to be back i love fawm and your presence in composition and spirit is a big reason why.

  • @zecoop  Feb 8

    I definitely do... I feel so far behind in listening, but after the first day, which was kind of slow starting, it has been idea after idea... I love this place. I'll definitely continue listening to and reading the adventure. That type of story is my favorite anyway. 😀

  • @boyatheart  Feb 8

    Thanks again for your lovely comments. I'm humbled 😀

  • @caterwauler  Feb 8

    Guys, if you want to hear some #catcore, listen to this song by @prsrose and Yoko The Cat :

  • @prsrose  Feb 8

    Yoko posted her song inspired by @mojo

  • @jacobmorales  Feb 7

    @caterwauler thanks. I was hoping to deliver on that resolve at the end!

  • @danvaillancourt  Feb 6

    Joanne! I am glad you are back for your deca-FAWM. 😉

  • @engebretsen  Feb 6

    Thx for the comment on Dream catcher. !

  • @headfirstonly  Feb 5

    Joanne, I'm so sorry you've had such a year. It seems like everybody I know has been affected by one of the most blighted twelve months that I can remember. I will miss hearing @mojo's contributions here. That little feller brought me much joy and many belly-laughs over the years.

    But here's to new beginnings, and new music!

  • @boyatheart  Feb 5

    Thanks for the lovely comments on my songs. I was hoping to get another one posted this weekend, but not quite ready yet. Still making progress though.
    Looking forward to what you post next! 😀

  • @iwilleatyou Feb 4

    Ok, my A.D.D. got me again. I just realized from posts by you and @candle that there are two separate accounts, one for you and Mojo. Hitherto I missed this (again...A.D.D.). I see though that you got my message regarding Mojo. Much respect for giving him a full life 😀
    I am also realizing you are French. I have been practicing French for the last two (or is it 3?) years and LOVE the language. I plan on posting up a song sung in French for this FAWM so that should be fun-not fluent yet but Je pratique tout le jours. C'est correct??... to listen to your songs now.

  • @candle Feb 4

    I thought you were leaning more toward the existential. Big schemes & big themes. You are taking on a lot, it seems. But then, epic fantasy is built upon big themes. And your story is nothing but epic. As well, your music captures this sense of "epic-ness" in a masterful way. One of these days I'm going to have to sit down and listen to as much of your OST as I can, just to immerse myself back into your world. Again, thank you so much for sharing.

    As for my own writing, well it's been a roller coaster of inspiration. I'm not sure if I'm simply chasing tangents or trying to figure out where I truly want to go. As it stands right now, I think I have six or seven stories in various states (none of which have been completed). Most of them are Nytheun stories, but some are from other worlds. I'd really like to finish some of them, but I keep getting distracted by other ideas - and now I'm distracted by FAWM. Oh well, at least I'm inspired 😀

  • @candle Feb 3

    Re: your comments on Decadenza. Thank you so much. Yes, I too lost a little of that awe for the possibilities a guitar can offer when I started playing around with other instruments. But every once & a while songs like this one come out & I remember the joy of creating music with a single instrument. Something I might explore more & more as FAWM goes on this year. Encore, merci pour vos commentaires.

    On Ce Vera Dans Les Ombres…

  • @candle Feb 3

    (Cont…) And then I started into a pseudo-pulp detective story based on a fantasy world that I'm having a lot of fun with so far.

    So many characters & stories I want to explore - but now I've taken a break for FAWM. Tho, I'm planning on writing a theme song for Toravar. It should be my next non-concept album FAWM track.

  • @candle Feb 3

    Now you have me intrigued. Legitimacy - as a political idea (i.e.: is the rule of a head-of-state legitimate?) or as something more existential?

    I've been all over the place with my own writing this past year. A friend of mine asked me to write a story about what sorts of societies would there be if our resources were depleted to the point where communities would have to "mine" landfills to obtain materials to make their societies work. Then I sparked off on a quest on Nytheun (the planet of my Crimson Queen, Rana) when a new hero haunted my psyche. His name is Toravar & he is a Paladin of the god of Shadows - tasked to redeem a knightly order dedicated to evil because of a misunderstanding of a god's commandments. This itself is an odd topic for me, as my own personal philosophy doesn't hold the idea of salvation in high regard (I'm more interested in enlightenment then salvation). (Cont…)

  • @tawny249  Feb 3

    Thank you! 😁 Now, check back, 'cause I literally just posted a voice recording. You were a minute too

  • @candle Feb 2

    It was the least I could do. I'm glad you enjoyed it & I'm glad @mojo could contribute to FAWM 2017. He will be missed greatly.

  • @candle Feb 2

    My humble tribute to @mojo:

  • @popmythology  Feb 2

    Your comments are always so encouraging, Joanne. Thank you from this humble beginner.

  • @candle Feb 2

    That is always the way, it seems. The pacifists are the first targets. Still, I guess the bad guys do have to look at things strategically if they want to succeed in their goals (as evil as those goals might be).

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @caterwauler  Jan 31

    Mojo and Hoops :
    - A Glass Of Milk : (FAWM 2014)
    - Claw Landscapes : (FAWM 2015)
    I did nothing in these tracks. I only recorded Mojo, and sent his piano bits and vocals to Hoops, who did everything else. As a matter of fact, Hoops mastered catcore as well as any other genre. Mojo was in love with both those tracks. Claw Landscapes is a nifty collage of his piano bits, complemented with Hoops's virtuoso arrangements.
    Listening to them as I'm about to start working on my first track for this year. <3

  • @candle Jan 31

    Pas de problem.

  • @candle Jan 31

    Merci beaucoup! Je suis heureux d'avoir pu éclaircir votre jour.

    On Ce Vera Dans La Lumière…

  • @candle Jan 31

    Again, sorry for the hard times & the loss of your great friend/collaborator @mojo. He'll be missed by all us Catcore fans. Speaking of, your announcement on @mojo 's page of his passing has inspired me to compose a tribute to him for FAWM this year. Would that be ok? You can let me know. Again, I am sorry to hear about the tough times, but I am glad to see that you are still writing & composing. Sometimes our creative impulses are the best coping mechanism.

    On Ce Vera Dans Les Ombres…

  • @mikedebenham  Jan 31

    Sorry to hear about your rotten 2016, Joanne. I think it's time to grab this unpromising 2017 and shove some hope down its throat.

    I hear that collaboration cures most ills. 😀

  • @anonymouse  Jan 30

    hey 😀

  • @karan  Jan 30

    Good to see you back here! May you find much joy this month! 😀

  • @vikkiflawith  Jan 30


  • @candle Jan 30

    Merci 😀

  • @defaultdave  Jan 30

    Hello Mojo's human! Look forward to hearing your stuff this year!

  • @zecoop  Jan 29

    My ears can't wait to hear more of your gorgeous creations... 😀

  • @roy  Jan 29

    Hi, sent you an email with the mp3 of the Mojo song; use it any way you like! Mojo was your amazing cat. The song really belongs to you!

  • @vomvorton  Jan 29

    And a <3 to you too. FAWM won't be the same without your sweet Mojo.

  • @rayboneor  Jan 29

    When can we read that book? Looking forward to more of your lush soundscapes

  • @candle Jan 29

    Salut Joanne! I'm looking forward to the explorations of your world again this year.

    On Ce Vera Dans Les Ombres…

  • @roy  Jan 2017

    Hi Joanna, so sorry to hear about Mojo, and the loss of your other loved ones. Been through a lot of that too. Last year was a lot of ups and downs; just glad to be back here. I look forward to your painting audio worlds. Blessings and peace to you. If you need any keys, synth, piano, whatever, let me know.

  • @boyatheart  Jan 2017

    Hi Joanne. Looking forward to being transported by your music again this year. Good luck and warmest best wishes.

  • @phlex Jan 2017

    Hello!!!!!! Looking forward to hearing your otherworldly sounds!

  • @adforperu  Jan 2017

    Hello, hope you're around again this year! x

  • @tawny249  Jan 2017

    Hello! I also write songs about my own in-progress fantasy novels. I don't write them in a fictional language, but I do write plenty of them. I don't typically post those on FAWM, but who knows what this year will bring. Wanted to say hi, and good luck! 😀