Brad Brubaker + The Crowd Goes Wild 10


Chicago USA   Jan 2012  

Artist Bio

Influences:   Cory Branan, The Thermals, Court Yard Hounds, Tim Barry. Nostalgically, Ministry (and related side projects) and 90's Lookout! bands.

Brad Brubaker & The Crowd Goes Wild -
Whether in a three-piece or performing solo, this act brings together the richness of an acoustic act, the charm of an alt-country band and the energy of a melodic punk band. Whether playing distorted power chords or fingerpicking crisply, this act keep the tempo up, the songs short and the performances draining. The lyrics are relatable with down home sincerity, balancing humor with darkness.

That's my band. As for me, I fluctuate between being a clown, comedian, 826 volunteer and ice cream blogger. ( I also music direct/host an evening of live radio plays in Chicago called Whiskey Radio Hour Quarterly. 2016 is my fifth FAWM.

My favorite FAWM recordings from previous years are still living here, though some are hidden tracks you get with downloading. (It was getting cluttered, hence the hidden tracks and dumping my less-than-favorite tracks.)

Songs (10)

#1 Putting My Art First 6
Feb 2017
#2 Circle House 1 - Pop Punk tune 2
Feb 2017
#3 Christy's Show Party 2
Feb 2017
#4 Whiskey Radio Hour presents Douche​-​Be​-​Gone 3
Feb 2017
#5 AWSM Radio - "Perfect Score Music" (20 seconds) 1
Feb 17
#6 RobinWillyumsBuhnanaaaah 2
Feb 21
#7 Circle House 2 - Rocket Song (Demo Up) 1
Mar 1
#8 50 Second 2
Mar 1
#9 Circle House 3 - I'd Chop My Hand Off (Just To Stay With You) 1
Mar 1
#10 Circle House 4 - Twinkle Twinkle 1
Mar 1


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  • @timfatchen  Feb 18

    Heh. my vocal in Therapist Lament is seriously off because I'm trying to match the original recording, which itself was improvised! But I only promised Liz a one-shot!

  • @bradbrubaker Feb 2017

    I plan on listening to other folks, especially reciprical commenting. At present, I'm focusing more on songwriting than listening, though.

  • @mdavisto Jan 2017

    Hey. You better show up. Who am I going to steal my best ideas from?