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Doncaster, UK / Jan 2012

Artist Bio

Influences:   bjork, sun kil moon, grammatics, death cab for cutie, mew, art of fighting, wild beasts, minus the bear

I party so much that it's unbelievable.

Songs (2)

1 Slow Release Love 11
Feb 2014
2 Inundations Of The Sea 7
Feb 2014


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  • @balancelost  Feb 2014

    Ha, I didn't know the ol' class of '04 had had such strong representation on here. I managed to find a pic I don't know if that helps. Is this what internet dating is like? tongue

  • @bodhisvaha Feb 2014

    thanks for commenting on Wave Hymnal. I appreciate the comparison to Bruce Hornsby, but I'd never heard of him before posting that song. My knowledge of 80's music is woefully inadequate.

  • @theawkwardsleep Feb 2014

    tyler has no radio in his car, and this has created quite a bit of beatboxing on the way to and from work in the past year. thanks for the kind words. and i can't wait to hear more from you

  • @kenjku Feb 2014

    I actually have one to record today! My plan was to record two yesterday, but then I got stuck with you know how that can can be there all day. Wait are you talking about the low e or the high e? The high E down to the a B smile I'm excited to hear more or your stuff man!

  • @kenficara  Feb 2014

    Hey, thank you for your comment on "Scenes." You're right that the harmonica is pigeonholed; it's a lot less limited than you'd think from the way it's often played. I re-recorded the song this morning, by the way, to get it closer to what I had in my head last night. (And the Sonic Youth comment was a hell of a compliment!)

  • @lonelyrobot Jan 2014

    Hail to the Crabb! Looking forward to some trademark chimey acoustic guitars big_smile

  • @theawkwardsleep Jan 2014

    hey you. hope you are back this year.

  • @kenjku Jan 2014

    Looking forward to hearing some new songs!! You know I'm up for a collab as always.

  • @vomvorton  Jan 2014