bluesgut 14


Philadelphia USA   Feb 2015  

Artist Bio

Influences:   Synthesizers and funk and probably 90s alt.

Hi. I'm Ryan. 32 in South Philladelphia. 3rd or 4th FAWM.

This year I'm writing a sci-fi concept album focused on a fictional VR universe called: Etern1ty.

Thanks for looking!


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  • @standup  Mar 10

    my wife @pfoo got an MS 20 and is using it a bit. Just wondered if yours showed up in FAWM songs.

  • @pompeyjazz Feb 26

    Thanks for the review Man

  • @apertome  Feb 20

    Great stuff, really enjoying it!

  • @cloudboy  Feb 9

    Hey. Thanks again for listening to Aparecer Amuleto. So I listened to it on a bunch of different devices and I don't hear the limiter being hit too hard. I will definitely check it out some more and work on it for future polishing.