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Pittsburgh USA   Feb 2015  

Artist Bio

Influences:   beautiful voices, often in harmony, guitars, pianos, banjos, fiddles, and mandolins. basses too. things that can tell new stories with old tools.

I think I posted 4 songs last year. I'll be happy to do the same again!


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  • @middlec 1 week

    Thanks for the online feedback Brian! "Lonely and defiant" for Your Pity Heart is right-on. I love thinking about songs that are defiant. 😀 Hoping to write a few more if that's what emerges this month. See you around town.....

  • @driftwood1  1 week

    Glad to see you made it on the board. Thanks for all the great comments.
    In Always You, there isn't really a perspective change. I chose my pronouns very carefully throughout. The "you" I am singing to is just not what might be expected at first.

  • @cnidaria  1 week

    Hey! Welcome back to FAWM. Thanks for the listens / comments. Unfortunately there won’t be any banjo tunes this year as my banjo is currently 600 miles away. But that means you’ll have to pluck your banjo extra hard for the both us!