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Influences:   These are the people who have influenced me through real life experience. Most are muscians I have played or written with, or sometimes simply talked with, but many are also actors, writers, and directors. Most of the names will unknown to most of you, but all are etched into my soul. They include, but are not limited to Brett Anderson, Agona Hardison. Jay Bedker, Bill Erdeli, Frank Neubert, Max Paul Swensson, Eric Anderson, Gary Minkler, Richard Riggins, Mark Sherman, Rob Cook, Albert King, Jeff Buckley, Virgil Frye, Tim Hardin, Ron Davies, William duFrene, Bob Morgan, John Olufs, Bill Bagley, Jim Paul, Cletus Stallbaumer, Karen Egan, Syd Barrett, Terry Quinn, Jeff Simmons, Doug Hamilton, Ken Husted, Lavon Hardison, Paul Lenart, Thaddeus Hogarth, Jamaa Fanaka, Walter Zuber Armstrong, Julius borges, Scott Cedro, John Voigt, Michael Bloom, Jake Dylan, Owen O Toole, Demba Sane, chris Rich, PF Sloan, Chuck e Weiss, Tom Waits, Shea Bliss, Enzo Strand, Sean Barry, Kevin So,. David Mamet, Talia toni Marcus, Lisa Marshall, Harry O, Michael Beatty, Barbara Buckland, Gregg Keplinger, Jherick Bischoff, Sam Mickens, Brett Frechette, Anna Presler, Krista Gulllickson, Cynthia Genser, Ed Gottstein, Lou Reed, Elvis Costello, Dar Williams, Kate Bennis, Scott Cedro, Ron Mirsky, Jaime Holland Bryan runnings, George shangrow, Acoustic Maddie, Elizabeth Perry, Ron Woods, Gary Busey, Susanna Burney, Sam Peckinpah, Sam Fuller, Tina Louise, Ruth buzzy, Julie Cascioppo, Jenniffer Velasco, Amy Denio. Willie Alexander, Brother Blue, Randy Black, roger McGuinn, Alexander chirkov, Jennifer Nelson, Peter Pendras, Al Katz, Barry Maguire, Paul bley, Demba Sane, August Wilson, Harold Bloom, Norman Mailer, William Arnold, Edna O Brien, Chrusty Moore, Mary Black, robin Williamson, Jeff Morris, Clint Eastwood, randy Minkler, Bill Shaw, Walter Singleman, Louis X Erlanger, Joel Cage, James Blood Ulmer, Odetta, Phil Ochs, Rick Danko, Baby Gramps, Jim Page, Artis the Spoonman, Robin Holcomb, Ed Sanders, Richard Moore, Linda Hunt, and Jimmy Tingle.

I started taking songwriting seriously when I traded by trumpet for a guitar in 1970, and for several years the results were not very good. I wrote three songs a week to play at the open mike, and never got much response.I was told my harmonic experiments were interesting, but my lyrics were overly influenced by the poetic theories of Robert Graves, and few people had much idea what I was singing about. Besides, the competition was so strong in those days that my primitive meanderings had no chance in the market. It wasnt until punk rock opened peoples ears that I began to connect with the public. I wrote some pretty good stuff from 78 to 82 and had a decent following for my bands. Then I moved from Seattle to Boston, where nobody knew me, so I languished until 86, when I met Tracy Chapmen and a host of others in the New England songwriters revival. I recorded an album, but was dissatisfied with it and used it as a demo, which put me on the folk circuit for the next five years. I also got involved in theatre and wrote the scores for two plays that toured Russia. Then Britpop hit and went back to rock music. I moved back to Seattle and started a band with an old friend who had been Soundgardens drum tech and was now out of work because the band broke up. We recorded an EP, which was enthusiastically received, but there was too much conflict in everybodys lives so I headed South, where I was befriended by James Blood Ulmer who led me into the world of harmolodic blues. I stayed there until I was able to create my own style out of it, and made some 4 track recordings that i liked, but there were too many defets in the sound recording for it to be commercial. Eventually I returned to Seattle and wrote music for a young poet I had met. We started a band with him as singer and me as guitarisit, and had a pretty good run until he got married and disappeared. Then I teamed up with ex Van Morrison sidewoman, violinistToni Marcus, and returned to writing for and fronting a band. Joining a group called songwriters in seattle spurred me to new creativity in writing, and then I left the country to marry a girl in Peru. this is where i discovered FAWM, and now I only write songs during the month of February, which gives a new cohesion to each group of songs. An exception was made last year, when I participated in 50.90, which i used primarily as a vehicle to review my outpu, as well as write over 50 new songs and a few dozen collaborations. When that was over, I sent the rest of the year putting together a career spanning 45 albums for Bandcamp. This is my fifth FAWM,
My first novel, The Goners, is available to read for free at , and my memoir cinema penitentiary is available for $4.99 at

Songs (26)

#1 The Human Conditional 13
3 weeks
#2 Shades of Me @acousticmaddie  13
3 weeks
#3 The Toymaker 7
3 weeks
#4 If Not Now... 4
2 weeks
#5 Stories of the Glen @acousticmaddie  10
2 weeks
#6 Flippin' Flapjacks 10
2 weeks
#7 Misery in her Head 7
2 weeks
#8 Heaven's Gate @acousticmaddie  6
2 weeks
#9 Measure of a Man 9
2 weeks
#10 Raised in the Rain 10
2 weeks
#11 Behind the moon @acousticmaddie  4
2 weeks
#12 Moving On @acousticmaddie  11
2 weeks
#13 Footprints 4
2 weeks
#14 Suicide Tide @ustaknow 6
2 weeks
#15 I Am The Law! 4
2 weeks
#16 You Can't Make a Living Selling Shoelaces in Miami 3
1 week
#17 The wife @acousticmaddie  5
1 week
#18 A glass of bloody champagne @acousticmaddie  6
1 week
#19 Nothing Left to Believe 7
1 week
#20 Pornography of Democracy 8
1 week
#21 Tobacco Stains 7
1 week
#22 Blood of the Poets 7
6 days
#23 Untamed Beast @acousticmaddie  4
4 days
#24 Mistress of the Dark @acousticmaddie  10
2 days
#25 Don’t cry for him @acousticmaddie  6
1 day
#26 The Jester , the pester, and the child molester @acousticmaddie  3
1 day


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  • @francessmith 7 hours

    Thanks for the story, Bill. Like other creative arts, there are loads of people in music telling other people how to do things. Thinking about it, also like other arts, the people who do it best are often the ones who do it the way THEY want to do it, and ignore the critics. So keep on doing your songs exactly as you want to!

  • @francessmith 17 hours

    Thanks for the comment on Darker Days. It's a long story, but when I first started recording my songs, I realised I had to fit the songs into a sort of bar structure, and I coincidentally hurt my wrist, and couldn't play guitar. So I used midi accompaniments, and that forced me to fit them into bars, because I hated doing it, it was so hard. Now I find it a lot easier, so I'm going to do the album production challenge again, and hopefully get the guitar songs controlled within a bar grid structure, that gives a bit of freedom, and is not too controlled.

  • @coolparadiso  1 day

    I will wear that badge with pride. “Ominous Ukulele”. I am a pretty easy going type but it drives me crazy every time i pick up my uke and people expect pop pulp (especialy 60s) . Ho hum. Out comes my practice smile.

  • @owl  2 days

    Thank you so much for the kind mention on the recommended songs thread!

  • @jonmeta  2 days

    Bill, thanks for the shout out in the forum. I'm in good company with a lot of scarily talented FAWMers. Have been travelling for work so haven't had much time for listening and commenting yet. Heading home today. I look forward to listening to more of yours real soon.

  • @wacha  3 days

    Thank you so much for your kind words on "Follow Me".

  • @coolparadiso  3 days

    thx for you comments about myself and many other Fawmers - you are spot on great music here and a great bunch of people. keep your stuff going man loving and learning!

  • @jibbidy34  3 days

    Thanks for including me in your list of new music artists. I’m the same - my playlists are full of FAWMers and those from The SongWrite Inn - I love listening to original songwriters’ new music more than anything. It doesn’t get anymore grassroots than that.

  • @owl  3 days

    thank you so much for your kind words on "dreams are another country"!

  • @lowhum 4 days

    Thanks, Bill for the comment - I don't mind being compared at all - the guys you compare me with are mostly guys I deeply revere so it's more than a pleasure!
    Though when I thought about it now I might have pinched the chorus melody from Elton John or somewhere worse...

  • @coolparadiso  5 days

    Thx for your comments Bill. I wanted a nice raw take on this and i was getting to many lyrics in my head to write enough music. I had collaborated with Maddie before and like you she is one of my favs. I dont often seek particular collaborators but i think i rightly did in this case

  • @acousticmaddie  5 days

    The robbery? (Maybe we should talk through mail)

    Of Course I would love to do more of your writings.

  • @francessmith 5 days

    Thanks for your comment on Picture of the winter. I enjoyed getting that song done, I'm hoping to get a few more written that would fit comfortably with it.

  • @acousticmaddie  5 days

    Thank you for the kind words on ode to homeless collab. Are you ok? Weshould add some to the EP shouldnt we?

  • @acousticmaddie  1 week

    Thanks for the kind words on Human-lobster-ant (all all the ones you comment on) and continuous support and encouragement. <3

  • @francessmith 1 week

    Thanks for your comment on "There she was", those two sides of me are always at war. It's interesting how the way I write songs have revealed how polarised the two sides are, I have to try and get them to work together..

    Trying to spend less time on fawm, atm, but I'll come and look at your newest songs later. I saw on the forums, that you said your wife had been robbed, that's a nasty experience, hope everything is ok.

  • @stuartbenbow  1 week

    Bill, I'm sorry it's taken so long to get back to you. Thank you so very much for your incredibly kind words on my song, Not Anymore. I truly appreciated it.

  • @jibbidy34  1 week

    Wow, well that was profoundly said by your dad! It’s the kinda thing mine would say. Great that you could use it in song and for the sentiment that only you know about and of course bringing it to life (no pun intended) in the song like you did. I just live stuff like that. 😀 Ok I may have to think of a new challenge for you...that was too much fun

  • @ustaknow 1 week

    Thanks Bill, I really enjoy that one... next chance I get after sheeting it out, (how I work... I need the see/day/do thing to get it right and on paper in front of me; my security blanket 😀 ).

    -- I had all these song roughs ready to work on for this FAWM, but this FAWM am finding plenty to work on as it comes up, --nice when that happens! I love ad hoc, go with it stuff like that. So, I guess, get it while the gett'in's good!

  • @vegansongs  1 week

    Hi Bill, that is weird that 3 of my songs do not play? Not sure what to do!

  • @jibbidy34  1 week

    Thank you for all the listens and comments Bill. Means an awful lot coming from you!!

  • @acousticmaddie  1 week


  • @acousticmaddie  1 week

    haha how about writing thatbloody champange song lyrics for me then:)

  • @francessmith 1 week

    Good to hear you'd been commenting. I was a bit worried that little dispute might have put you off fawm, but of course you're stronger than that.

    I think the nuclear event was him looking for a way out. He'd brought a persona with him that had a bigger ego than his compositional skills deserved, and I think he knew he couldn't do it, so he wanted a big enough argument so he could blame fawm for him leaving. He found the perfect person, someone else who couldn't handle criticism.

    The human condition!!!!

  • @francessmith 1 week

    You've been very quiet today. I noticed you had a little "spat" with a certain person after daring to disagree with them. I think if people noisily express their political opinions on fawm, it's not reasonable to object when people point out the flaws in them. But people don't, unfortunately, always do reasonable things. I keep away from politics on fawm. I like twitter for politics, but this isn't a political forum, so there isn't a great deal of expertise, and when opinions are too emotional, and not objective enough, it can lead to problems. Hope it didn't bother you too much.

  • @francessmith 1 week

    It's the skirmishes, first thing I learnt when I did 50/90 first time, was that if you post during a skirmish, you get less comments. But at the moment we can't avoid them. Also there are always less comments after the first week.

  • @frey 1 week

    Thank you for the nice comment on my last track 😁 I'm glad you liked it.

  • @arthurrossi 1 week

    I would like to thank you so much for your that generous words...

  • @gordon  1 week

    Hi Bill, thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment. Happy Fawming to ya!

  • @francessmith 1 week

    Interesting comment on the forum, there, Bill, on intellectual isolation, extremely valid point you made.

  • @johnstaples  1 week

    Hey Bill! Thanks so much for your generous and kind comments about I Don't Look Back! Man oh man I'd love the have my song in heavy rotation and even more if we have a decent president! Love how you tied those together! I'll be skirmishing tonight but I'll swing back by over the weekend to check out some of your work!

  • @acousticmaddie  2 weeks

    Go ahead abd feel free wit behind the moon Ill add you to it

  • @francessmith 2 weeks

    Thank you Bill. I see @acousticmaddie has turned up now. I found this song yesterday, to me it's just beautiful. Only has two comments. This is from a long time fawmer.

    I'm just showing you how unrelated number of song comments is to song quality. It's quite an exclusive club though, brilliant song, very few comments.

  • @francessmith 2 weeks

    You might have posted too early, I've posted early a few times, and got no comments until Scott turned up, and it was morning in Florida. It does seem to liven up in the afternoon. But then the skirmishes will start later tonight, so people may be saving themselves for them.

    But some of the best songs get very few comments. Fawm is an incredibly good resource, but distribution of comments is far from perfect.

  • @billwhite51 2 weeks

    i deleted the comments you found objectionalble. thanks for letting me now you were referring to the US. fpund your usage of the pronoun they unclear, as it would gramatically refer back to the phrase no one else, not to the place you come from. i simply asked for a clarification of the pronoun so i would understand your lyric more perfectly. i m defensive about the country i live in, which is considered a third world country, and the broad term includes many countries in which the treatment of women is worse than any civilized person can imagine. from what i hae exerienced here in peru, however, the relations between men and women, while often problematic, do not suffer from the existential problems of the gender issues that influence such relations in the US. also, peru does not refuse to let people into the country because of where they are from, so i didnt quite understand what you meant. unless things have changed drmatically in the years that i have been out of the US

  • @brrrse  2 weeks

    No one else will take me because of where I come from
    Where they keep their women deaf blind and dumb.

    I think it's pretty clear the whole song is about the USA. I feel you're being obtuse and defensive.

  • @brrrse  2 weeks

    thanks for loving my lyrics - but I can't tell with the rest of your comment if you're arguing with me about my lyrcs - and that's okay to be in denial about how people really are living in this country - but if you are, could you keep your arguing on your own soundboard. Just because you're lucky enough to have all your basic needs taken care of doesn't mean this doesn't exist. Children are starving in the streets in America right now. Have a nice day 😀

  • @francessmith 2 weeks

    Thanks for your comment on Island. I wasn't sure how that sounded, everyone commented on the lyrics, so I was wondering about the accompaniment, good to hear you liked it.

    I think I'm slowing down now, for a couple of days, maybe, as t have run out of easily accessible ideas, and have to do more thinking for the next one. But I'll be listening to your songs, while I do that.

    I've enjoyed this fawm more than the last, but I still have to stop and think for a couple of days, maybe that's just how my brain works.

  • @sunnymae  2 weeks

    Thanks for the feedback on my groove tune. Yes when I R E Record going to do some cool vocals and add some slam and base to. Bump it up a notch. Thanks for dropping by friend. Oh and by the way my family lives everywhere from West Seattle up to Lopez Island.
    The San Juans are one of my favorite places on the planet.

  • @metalfoot  2 weeks

    It's a concept album. We're just getting started! 😉

  • @coolparadiso  2 weeks

    i think you are right. it drove me mad. it was actually a drum waltz backing track. proving not all ideas work. thx for that it clarified things!

  • @coolparadiso  2 weeks

    Would be sad world if i couldn't share what i enjoy with others! Like your music!

  • @haim  2 weeks

    It was so nice to read your comment on my skirmish "The end of the world", I am delighted to know that my song was written well in your opinion, it gives me courage and strength to move forward! It is an interesting topic that I got to think about lately, I guess that's why from "we never saw it coming" which was the title of the skirmish, I ended up with the end of the world... I hope the end is far...

  • @tuomoh 2 weeks

    Thanks for your comment on my song, much appreciated!

  • @francessmith 2 weeks

    Thanks for the warning Bill.............unfortunately, I think the next song is going to take me deeper into the danger zone.

  • @vegansongs  2 weeks

    post cont...
    An hour goes by and I hear a strange bird call outside the window behind me- I turn and see the HAWK looking at me! I felt bad for the hawk too. Necrovore- I'll wait to bury the crow

  • @vegansongs  2 weeks

    Hi Bill, I'll be watching for those songs. Of course we know that humans are Ominvores ( more resembling Necrovores).

    I don't know anyone that only eats *only* raw flesh! Or that doesn't use herbs and salt to disguise their flesh!

    OOOh! Anaside- I am going to try and write a song about what just happened outside my home, A murder of crows gathered so loud I thought maybe we going to have an earthquake! I opened my front door to find a small hawk picking at a crow on my lawn- hawk flew away immediately and all the Crows were overhead crying/cawing! I checked on the poor soul that lay lifeless on the grass. He/she was dead.
    I went inside to get a box and towel and took the crow to the nextdoor empty lot and placed him/her in open box under a tree with a large fallen branch for Semi cover- I did not want to bury right away thinking the crow family may want to visit first. They stayed in the tree fro quite some time but have moved on now. So sad. I will go bury crow in little bit. cont

  • @vegansongs  2 weeks

    Hi Bill, Thanks for your thoughtful comment on my first tune House of Mirror. I am going to try and record the demo= yeah it does need tweaking and I will adjust the drums for sure! I am glad you like the song. : )

  • @francessmith 2 weeks

    Thanks for your comment on Future, Bill. I do feel like I'm moving forward, it's been a strange journey though, with lots of obstacles in the way. I'm always grateful for your comments, you can take some credit for my improvements, as your support has been very valuable.

  • @cindyrella  2 weeks

    Thanks for your nice comments!

  • @sunnymae  2 weeks

    Bill!!! I was looking for you. So nice to see you and I'm looking forward to hearing your music. Thank you for dropping by and commenting on my tune.

  • @francessmith 2 weeks

    Hello Bill, interesting to read the background to If Not Now. I suppose that people who aren't very aware of the impact of climate change, are still likely to see these events as an "act of god", and therefore put their faith in him. Maybe?

    Thanks for your comment on my song.Memory. I changed the place I recorded a while ago, and then because it was much closer to a wall, tried to compensate for that with a process that made it all too much trouble to do. But for fawm I decided just to not think about the wall and just record. My vocals were far better, though it may have been that I was just more relaxed, funny though.

  • @jibbidy34  2 weeks

    Bill! Thanks for your all too kind comment about ‘Water And Some Bleach’. Most grateful!

  • @colgoo  2 weeks

    Thank you for commenting on Ariau Towers!

  • @colgoo  2 weeks

    Bill, I focused on the negative aspects of my Brazilian vacation because I needed to take that approach as an antithesis to the seed song. I loved the Amazon! It was a memorable trip in many ways and mostly positive.

  • @wacha  3 weeks

    Thank you for your kind words on "Adrift", I tend to write rather long winded, rambling songs. Every so often I find myself with an oddly short one and decide to leave it that way.

  • @waltermosch  3 weeks

    Hey, thanks for your comment on "cold is the ground". My daughter is 4 months now. Very sweet.... at the moment;)

  • @tcelliott  3 weeks

    Hello. Thanks for stopping by. Let's have a great FAWM.

  • @musicsongwriter 3 weeks

    Thank you Bill. Happy February.

  • @francessmith 3 weeks

    Thanks for the comment on Monochrome. I really enjoyed doing that, it's got me quite enthusiastic about fawm,and doing some songs, too. So you might be right, my voice might well emerge from the swirling sounds.

  • @vegansongs  3 weeks

    Hi Bill! So excited- 7 hours from now here in Seattle- is that right?

  • @kahlo2013  3 weeks

    Hi Bill!!! Looking forward to this!

  • @jerrypettit  3 weeks

    Have a successful February, Bill! <3

  • @johnstaples  3 weeks

    Hey Bill! Happy FAWM! Can't wait to hear what you come up with this year!!!

  • @odilongreen  3 weeks

    Your songs were a real highlight of 50/90 last year for me; I look froward to more of your music this coming month!

  • @acousticmaddie  3 weeks

    ALWAYS a pleasure working with you. Look forward to do it again./M

  • @ustaknow 3 weeks

    Ah, so there's your "purple rain", "baby"! 😉

    Great stuff Bill, great stuff. "Fortunate Son" (daughter), indeed!

  • @ustaknow 3 weeks

    So, you've been married 9 years? Very cool. The little one is, ~2yo-ish? Beautiful family!

  • @francessmith 3 weeks

    45 albums! that is super impressive. Does it create a sense of being freed from them? not because they were holding you back, but just that while they were hidden away they still needed attention, whereas now they are set free into the world, you don't have to think about them. I've been reading about repressed memories recently, maybe repressed songs need to be recognised and acknowledged too. You'll have to let me know how it affects your songwriting.

  • @ustaknow 3 weeks

    So..., per the above profile, --been busy! 😝 How did you meet your Wife?! -- Seems you followed the music to your heart, and it blossomed into +1, so far! 😉

    -- Encore, encore ...

  • @tinattd  3 weeks

    Hi, have a fab FAWM!

  • @francessmith 3 weeks

    Hello Bill, good to see you back again. I'll look forward to hearing your songs during Fawm.