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85238 Petershausen Germany   Jan 2014  

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Influences:   Kate Bush, Depeche Mode, Chemical Brothers, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, Daft Punk, the Carpenters,

I am a singer/songwriter, dancing around a career in music for about 35 years while trying, and failing, to make money doing other things. Maybe its time to do what I love.

This year the February challenges proved to be difficult, as I was traveling a lot and caught a cold. With a cough I can't shake which has affected my ability to sing these songs. Ultimately, I did everything using GarageBand, a couple of virtual instruments and Chordbot on my iPhone and Audio Evolution Mobile and Chordbot on my Android tablet. I will probably re do everything next month, after I feel better and can sing again. In the interim, here's this year's challenge results from me.

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