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1160 Vienna Austria   Jan 2017  

Artist Bio

Influences:   Jazz, Folk, Rock, Worldmusic, Sociocultural Anthropology, Music Ethnology

I was born 1983 in Bregenz, Austria. And from early childhood on, the guitar was my chosen instrument. After playing in a Rock Band for several years, I moved to "the city" in Austria, which of course, is Vienna, to study Sociocultural Anthropology. For studying jazzguitar, I never felt good enough. My cousin and flatmate though studied Jazzsaxophone and made me play in the streets of Vienna with him. That got mit into Jazz, and after several years of streetmusic in Europe we formed a Trio called Baldachin, where I also play the Sitar, that I learned to know in India. My Bandmate @nik, playing percussion and hang, is now also here on FAWM.

Here you find the Music of our 2 CDs:

Another project is Bonnage Horreur, together with a comic book artist that does live drawings on the overhead projector.

That is here:

There is another reason I am here on FAWM, that as to do with my other passion, that is ethnography.

Recently I was lucky enough to put together my two passions, that is Ethnography and Music. I am working at the University in a research project on creativity in music. I will ask my collaborators, and other willing Fawmlings to give me some insight into their creative process. Over the next three years I want to write my thesis with the (preliminary) topic creativity in music in virtual and physical spaces.


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  • @acousticmaddie  Feb 22

    OH Thank you. I am happy you found it and liked that. You make me blush here 😀

  • @sph  Feb 22

    Danke dir, ich muss das Stück öfter mal am Stück spielen, um richtig rein zu kommen.

  • @tan482  Feb 19

    Go for it Ben! And check your email 😀

  • @pipewrench67  Feb 17

    Hey Ben, didn't Good morning to you. How about Good after noon instead?

  • @tan482  Feb 2018

    Go for it! I'll try to fit in with whatever you play 😊

  • @tan482  Feb 2018

    Hello! I would be keen to do a collab with sitar and fiddle, if you're up for it! 😀

  • @bammann Feb 2018

    he corni,
    du bist ja voll aktiv, ich lad grad was hoch.

  • @mikegtz  Feb 2018

    Yep that was fine. Gives it an other worldly touch.

  • @mikegtz  Feb 2018

    Ben, the lyrics are up there. Hope they are not too wacky.

  • @kalinasilverman Feb 2018

    Sure! What questions would you like me to answer?

  • @acousticmaddie  Feb 2018

    Thanks for your kind comments.

  • @misterd Feb 2018

    Thanks for listening and commenting ting on my song 'Sleepers wake ' . I appreciate it . Cheers

  • @martinneuhold Feb 2018

    Sorry, there was a typo in the email address I gave you. Can you please resend the files to ? (Tschuldigung....mein Fehler....)

  • @mikegtz  Feb 2018

    Hi Ben, finally found you. I will do some lyrics and send them your way for music. Be in touch soon.

  • @kalinasilverman Feb 2018

    Hey, thanks for your comment! I'm also passionate about ethnography and creativity. (I am a Fulbright researcher studying intercultural communications in Singapore). If you need any help with your research, let me know! Warm regards, Kalina

  • @martinneuhold Feb 2018

    I‘d love to hear sitar on the HangScape track! 😊

  • @beat  Feb 2018

    Wollt schon anrufen wo du bleibst.
    Und dieses Jahr hab ich’s jetzt gecheckt das hier im Management auch ein Wissenschaftler sitzt der ja ähnliches untersucht wie du.... Ha!
    Enjoy being while you can