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Vienna Austria   Jan 2015

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Influences:   my ears

ipad musician since 2012 and just upgraded my reason from 6 to 10... *].
dusted and reloaded me WX5 with new accus.

am getting more and more interested into collaborations year by year.
well prepared the first time round, then less'n less and completly free this season!
am open to find interesting things on this here planet.
enjoy being, while ye can!

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  • @adnama17 4 hours


  • @cts 10 hours

    I'm really amped-up about FAWM this year. I'm in a good space and I've got ideas galore! All the best to you this FAWM, friend-o!

  • @cairobraga 15 hours

    hey hey, have a great FAWM! o/

    (also, I didn't understand your comment on the A for ABBA game where you tagged me... hehehe)