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Hello, I am Barry Goldman the Canadian one man band who smashes things until songs appear. I have been making music for a year and a half now, just cranking the tunes out in my basement with a Rock Band mic. I have made 11 albums to date.

My idea is to just make a lot and not worry. Maybe one day I'll be in a band, but doing things yourself has it's perks. My favorite things to make songs about include K-On!, Love Live, Tims, Canada and the things that rattle around my head. I grew more interested in history last summer, especially on my Grandparent's homelands Finland & Italy.

I like to make comics as well and hope to get drawing again. I sometimes make songs on my character Midnight Stella, I have two albums, Magnus Bridge & Call Of Mugi, of a possible trilogy in that confusing story.

FAWM 2017 : 18 Tracks
50/90 2017 : 50 Tracks

I'm not big on collabs so much, unless we both sing on a track. I like to save my music for my own songs, but I really like to make tracks where I'm singing with someone else as it feels more like a collab should to me. Whether I make the music or vise versa.

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  • @andygetch  1 day

    Hi Barry, glad that you made it over here from 5090!

  • @cts 4 days


  • @silvermachine 6 days

    Hey Barry. Great to see you here, man.
    Is this place gonna get wiped soon for 2018?
    This will all disapear and I'll have to write it again