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Finland   Feb 2013

Artist Bio

Influences:   gravity

I have so much to tell you about myself I don't know where to start. Maybe I should begin on a more general level and then go to the specifics.

First of all, I'm a human. Then again, you know how feral children sometimes seem to think they represent the same species that they grew up with? Like children raised by dogs think they are dogs and so on. Have you ever wondered if a dog living with people thinks it's a human? I mean, if a human can't tell what species it is, what chance does a dog have? I grew up with humans. Maybe I'm a dog.

I'm sure you'd tell me but I doubt a dog would understand that it's a dog even if you told it. You probably don't speak dog anyway. Maybe you are reading this and all you see is "woof, woof, woof" while I'm thinking we are communicating very well with each other even though you sound a little bit different.

At this point of writing this, I've become fairly confident that I'm a dog. This biography thing didn't really go as I had planned.

Songs (14)

#1 Misery Marches On 5
Feb 2017
#2 Iron Condor 9
Feb 2017
#3 What the Hell is This? 6
Feb 2017
#4 Unleashed 8
Feb 2017
#5 All Systems Go 2
Feb 2017
#6 Theory of Everything 3
Feb 2017
#7 Down to Moon 2
Feb 2017
#8 Descend 1
Feb 25
#9 Beware of the Silent One 2
Feb 25
#10 Slob 2
Feb 26
#11 Bring Me Down 2
Feb 28
#12 Can't Forget 1
Feb 28
#13 A Day Well Wasted 3
Feb 28
#14 Thank You, Come Again 2
Mar 1


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  • @radicalmguy  Feb 27

    Feedback is much appreciated, thank you very much!

  • @ampersandman  Feb 27

    Many thanks for your kind comment on "The Gospel". I will return the favor soon. Best from Berlin!

  • @hmorg Feb 27

    Thanks for your comment on "Innan vi dör"!

  • @emplate Feb 27

    Thank you for your comment on "innan vi dör", I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  • @engebretsen  Feb 2017

    Thank you for all the great comments on my songs. Very appreciated!

  • @lazykat  Feb 2017

    Very nice indeed! Love your style, like last year 😉
    I'd really love to hear your songs with vocals 😀 Rock on!