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Bloomington USA   Jan 2014


Artist Bio

Influences:   Deepchord, Loscil, Gridlock, Brian Eno, Tangerine Dream, Petar Dundov, Max Richter, Joan Jeanrenaud, Nils Frahm, A Winged Victory for the Sullen, Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Aes Dana

In FAWMs past, I have worked with purely electronic music, but also branched out -- one year focused on vocals, another year focused on violin, etc.

This year I intend to create a more guitar-driven album, although I expect that a lot of the guitar sounds won't be particularly recognizable as such, and I expect to continue in a similar lush soundscape style to past years.

My styles range from ambient to IDM to Berlin School electronic (i.e. Tangerine Dream), sample mangling, modular synth weirdness.

My influences range a lot further than that, including prog rock, black metal, industrial progressive metal, folk, blues, classical, other electronic genres, etc.

I use a variety of hardware and software -- mostly analog synthesizers and sequencers, but a sampler, and a couple of guitar effects pedals. I also use some VST instruments and effects. I use Reaper and sometimes Ableton Live for recording/sequencing. I have also been known to use analog tape at times.

Guitar-wise, I will be using a Fender Strat, Gretsch Lap steel, and a Breedlove acoustic-electric.

I've done FAWM 5 times (well, only 4 times did I complete a full album) and aim to do so again this year.


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  • @riverbear14 Mar 4

    Thank you! Sometimes it is the mix out the without and the within.. Nature sure has a way of helping us

  • @roysmith  Mar 2

    @engebretsen reminded me of some of the awesome stuff you've been doing this year. Have been trying to see if any other ambient / noise and sound maker musicians would be interested in staying in touch over Facebook and put a group together, if your on there, would be good to hear from you: https://www.facebook.com/groups/40819...

  • @viktiglark  Mar 2

    I have the FX list for the 70CDR on my phone, always within easy reach to get a feel for what each effect does, haha. You commented on the delay of 'So Many Stories', and that's the DriveEcho delay on the 70CDR, which has a 'Wow' amount knob, which will give you control over that tape flutter sound. 😀 In the same way that you want an Eventide Space, I was wanting the Strymon El Capistan for its distressed tape echo abilities, though that DriveEcho is holding me over *phew*.

    I'm changing my tune after discovering the Knobs YouTube channel. Have you heard of this? It may make you GAS pretty hard for interesting boutique pedals, haha: https://youtu.be/NiMgd_a1O7k

  • @standup  Mar 1

    If Ultranova came in a small desktop box I would consider it. Don't need another keyboard instrument in my space. I'm running the modulars with an Arturia Keystep which is pretty compact. And I am such a limited keyboard player, it's fine.

  • @standup  Mar 1

    Your excellent reply trailed off after "The Blofeld, howerver..."

    From the reading I've done, Blofeld may be the better answer. I'm not at all interested in EDM etc, I'm thinking of pads and ambient textures, which Blofeld maybe would do better.

    Though the sounds you were getting out of the Prophet were great.

  • @scottlake Mar 1

    I will commence my month of March by trying to listen to at least half of all my watchlisted FAWMers. I've really enjoyed your pieces from the land of synths and delay and reverb. Our influences overlay quite a bit. Nils Frahm for example. I found out about him from his free Solo album a couple of years ago where he improvised on that tall upright prototype piano. If you don't have that, I'm certain it's still available from him. It's glorious, you can hear all of the mechanisms as there is no front cover and it's recorded from the performer's position. Let's collaborate over the year.

  • @standup  Mar 1

    Thanks for your comments on my stuff. I'm glad I stumbled on your music this year, overall it's excellent. Balanced. Dynamic. You seem to know when to hold back, something I know I should do but sometimes can't.

    This is my first year messing with modular synths, and I've got a lot of learning still. Like getting EGs and VCAs to act the way I think they're supposed to.

    I had a thought about ditching the 2 Volcas I have, keys and bass, and getting a poly synth -- do you happen to have opinions on Waldorf Blofeld (I hesitate because I find the Nave app a little annoying, with preseets that don't do much for me)? Or Dave Smith Tetra?

    You're on my watchlist now, and will be there next year. I do 50/90 in the summer too, though tend to write more like 10 songs, not 50.

  • @caterwauler  Mar 1

    I'd say, start with this : https://vimeo.com/87341449
    It's a wonderful (French) documentary.
    Otherwise, my favourite album of his is this one :
    It has become rare, I'm afraid, but I have it. If you can't find it (it was extremely difficult for me to find it), maybe we can get in touch via email, and see what I can do for you. 😉
    Congrats on a successful FAWM, and thank you for your lovely feedback throughout the month. 😀

  • @seanbrennan  Feb 28

    Awesome mix on "Mystic's Longing!" You make it sound almost like I knew what I was doing! Hahah. Thank you for the wonderful synth tracks - it was a treat to improv over.

  • @caterwauler  Feb 28

    Thank you for your kind words. Chances are that I'll post a (lazy) 15th. You're not a purist, but I am. 😁
    Re guitars in my stuff : for my soundtrack, I wanted a specific sound, based on textures and resonances. My soundtrack pieces have walls of guitars in them, and walls of synths and walls of vocals... Many, many layers... Actually, my sound relies on what's not audible, rather than on what's heard. Most of the things I record are there to create an illusion of sorts.
    One song left and you're a winner! Looking forward to it. 😀

  • @standup  Feb 27

    Glad I stumbled on your music this year. I've enjoyed everything I've listened to.

  • @caterwauler  Feb 25

    Also, I haven't answered your question regarding the guitar in "The Garkhor".
    All my soundtrack pieces have guitar in them. No ebow, but "violining" effects from Zoom GFX-8 and G5 pedals, often soaked in additonal reverb, and played so as to blend in the mix.

    I really enjoy your songs. Going to catch up on them right now. 😀

  • @caterwauler  Feb 25

    Thank you so much for your lovely feedback. 😀
    Lacking oxygen is bad, but fortunately that can be cured by breathing properly, walking, and smoking less. Singing is good too, as it forces you to breathe, hence my oxygen song. Now, if I could heal underactive thyroids (and other evils) thanks to music, I'd be doing that kind of stuff all the time. 😀

    As for listening to my album as a whole : I've worked on two different projects this year, my novel soundtrack, and a side project (meditative and therapeutic). Songs 5, 7 and 13 are part of the latter one. The soundtrack is a triple album project that I've been focusing on for the past three years. Most of the songs from disc 1 and 2 are shared on the site that I mentioned in my bio, although I regard nothing as "final" - not until the book is finished, and the totality of the tracks are recorded. I'm almost there, but there is still a lot of work in terms of polishing.

  • @engebretsen  Feb 25

    Thx for the really good feedback on my songs. Much appreciated. You had one question about synth on "Who will" If I get it right I think you prefer to the monotic going on Things, and that is a U-HE Diva. I will also check your`re recommendation on Conjure One. Thx again for really nice Reading.

  • @elesimo  Feb 25

    Hey, @apertome! Thanks for your comments on my song "Bass Line". That's indeed a real guitar. 😀

  • @spinhead  Feb 24

    Thanks for the comment on "Water Over Stone." @scottlake did a superb job of making it his own in a powerful performance.

  • @viktiglark  Feb 24

    Thank you for all of the comments! I apologize for falling behind on correspondence. ^~^

    The MS-20 is so versatile indeed! It's responsible for some of my silkiest, Vangelis-like tones, and then completely fuzzed out strangeness from the resonance. You commented on the noise, and indeed, I've been pairing it with Synthrotek's DLY module. As the delay time gets longer, the bit rate gets reduced, producing a wonderful bed of noise. 😀

    The Nebulae is pretty nifty. I have Clouds as well and they have some similarities, esp. when you freeze Clouds. I don't think I've dug as deep into Clouds as I can. I'm looking forward to coming at it with some new knowledge and subtle attenuation with VCAs in the modulation path. You put it to very good use! 😁

    I try to perform 'live' with the modular more and more. The first few takes are def. the best. I've noticed that I end up with a small amount of primary controls to guide the patch for performance. I think it works well, though I wonder how much

  • @riverbear14 Feb 23

    Thank you..Barbara happened to have the perfect song to add to, so I thought I would give it a whirl.

  • @elesimo  Feb 22

    You can definitely run Windows VSTs on Linux, there are a few different ways of doing that. But I'm a purist, and using the native Linux plugins has forced me to learn more about EQ, compression, etc., since it requires more work to get the sound I want. 😝

    I'm using the CALF plugins, by the way, they have a quite comprehensive collection: http://calf-studio-gear.org/. Ardour has some native plugins that I also use, since they're very lightweight and I get visual feedback inside the mixer strip:

    The lack of plugins also forces me to use more hardware: I have a few tracks where I send MIDI to my Korg Volcas or a Moog synth, and then I freeze the audio. It's definitely more work making music with Linux, but I feel I'm learning more and doing more interesting things in my studio lately because of that.

  • @elesimo  Feb 22

    @apertome, thanks for your comments on my songs!

    I started using Linux this year to make music, coming from Ableton and then Bitwig on a Mac. I've been using only native plugins: there's some good soft synths (Yoshimi, ZynAddSubFX, Helm) and soundfonts, and I'm using Ardour as my DAW and Hydrogen for drums.

    In Someone You Love (http://fawm.org/songs/71450/) I used Yoshimi for the pads, with a preset called "bass_pad_fat".

  • @pfoo  Feb 17

    I bought a Korg MS-20 mini. I can do some simple things with it, but I've been watching lots of tutorials.

  • @candle Feb 16

    Thanks for the great comments on Fear & Toravar's Theme. I made a mistake, it's not open B, it's what I call Dropped B: EADGBB My bad, but thanks for pointing it out. I'll have to fix the liner notes.

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @riverbear14 Feb 16


  • @standup  Feb 16

    Sorry, my ADD is making me reply in chunks. No electric, all resonator. The "lead" part has an electroharmonix Superego pedal on it too, which takes away the resonator tone and makes it kinda synthy.

  • @standup  Feb 16

    On Stalagmites the lowest note is a synth note, with some modulation. I think it's just at the beginning and end. Yeah, Lofi Junky is fantastic. I must resist using it on EVERYTHING.

  • @standup  Feb 16

    Thanks, listening back to "Stalagmites" I realized it sounds more Bill Frisell-ish than probably anything else I've done. I added that tag like 10 minutes ago.

  • @pfoo  Feb 15

    Yes - my husband is Standup. He's been playing around with modular synths this past year.

  • @candle Feb 2017

    Thank you so much for your great comments on Signals & Ecstasy. I do love my JamMan, it is the backbone of my live performances. But then building loops & layering them is sort of what a lot of my sonic experimentation is all about. As for Jeskola Buzz, I love its modular interface & the absolute control you have of just about every parameter of every instrument or effect in the mix. Truly, I don't use it to its full potential, but I have this crazy idea regarding that I want to explore this FAWM. Again, thank you for the great comments. I'm enjoying your songs so far this year. Looking forward to more.

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @fuzzy  Feb 2017

    Hey, was on @Candle's Soundboard and saw that he compared you to Eno and Fripp, so of course I had to Watchlist you - it's somewhat disappointing how few FAWMers list Eno as an influence. 😞
    I'll be back later to listen to your stuff.

  • @candle Feb 2017

    Thank you for your great comments on my songs. I really appreciate your insights.

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @santadharma Feb 2017

    Hey! Thanks. We fixed it 😀

  • @scottlake Feb 2017

    Thanks for your comment on The Leader First Must Be Led. Sentiment is personal and informed by the book in the liner notes. Recent events inform the song as well, and if you are referring to the US election it's my opinion both final candidates exhibit hubris in titanic amounts, but manifested in different ways. One is easier to dislike, but I deeply distrust the intentions of both. I voted a completely unknown 3rd party candidate in the end. If that's not what you were referring to, sorry for the op ed piece!

  • @arthurrossi Feb 2017

    I would like to thank you very much for your lovely and that generous comment! 😀

  • @caterwauler  Feb 2017

    And and and and hello! Glad you're back. Thank you for your lovely comments. 😀
    I thought I had you in my watchlist, but no. Fixing this right now.

  • @clioem  Feb 2017

    Wow, thank you for the effusive praise 😀

  • @resonut123  Feb 2017

    Thanks for the nice comments on my songs.
    If I get a chance to get my old electric Magnatone lapsteel out, I'll let U know. I like the way you used it in an ambient context.

  • @notenkraker Feb 2017

    Anytime man, already a big fan of your work, thanks for taking your time to stop by and listen to some of my work also really appreciate it!

  • @heuristicsinc  Feb 2017

    Of course it's real! You don't know where it is?

  • @lanasolyluna Feb 2017

    Hi thank you so much! Nice to see you back too. Forgive me that I am really lagging on both listening and making songs, but I WILL come back and listen. The first two songs have delicious titles, my friend. Happy FAWMing <3

  • @clioem  Feb 2017

    Thanks! I FINALLY got something up! It was stressing me, lol!

  • @riverbear14 Feb 2017

    Well, no... I could send you to my author page and some of it is there... but, not shopped for a publisher as of yet. Just got out of a gigging band, playing lead guitar, mandolin, dobro and keys.. so..busy, busy.
    G Robert McCaffrey @ Facebook

  • @pipewrench67  Feb 2017

    Got hung up at the gate hop to make something after band practice tonight, thanks.

  • @netnoise Feb 2017

    If you want to get in touch directly, my email is on my profile page.

  • @riverbear14 Feb 2017

    Oh, the book is "A hidden agenda" and is science fiction..starting in 1945..but moving to today, an engineer walks in the wrong door and ends up seeing an alien on a table and interacts with it. This turns his world upside down. He is brought into a room by the suits and now has a new career. There are two more volumes I am writing presently. Thank you for asking.

  • @riverbear14 Feb 2017

    Yes sir. I play a few instrument and have a home studio. It just takes a bit more time to do that. I am at Riverbear on reverbnation..Bleeding out is my newest. Thank you for asking. I will get to it.

  • @popmythology  Feb 2017

    LOL, yeah, I tried to make it ridiculous but it was one of those "the truth is stranger" instances. Thanks for stopping by!

  • @netnoise Feb 2017

    Hi. I'd be totally into a collaboration. Let me know how you'd like to do it.

  • @seanbrennan  Feb 2017

    Wow, I really appreciate the positive comment on my viola track! A collaboration would be a ton of fun. Let's stay in touch!

  • @viktiglark  Feb 2017

    Hope to hear some lush tunes from you again this year! Or whatever you feel like creating 😀

  • @yam655  Jan 2017

    Good to see you here again!