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  Jan 2012

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Influences:   The microphones, bill Callahan, Joanna braineater (what am I, frozen in 2006?). Some Grimes.

I, maybe

pop music is my plan


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  • @owl  Mar 5

    ...My workflow when I'm using this: write on guitar/uke/keyboard and get my desired structure figured out, put together drum loops that suit the structure, then record instruments on top, then record vocals on top. "Dunedin" took me about 3 days using this process, day 1: write, day 2: make drum loop, day 3: record.

  • @owl  Mar 5

    comp take = redo just the parts you messed up on, or assemble the best parts from multiple takes.
    The drums are MT PowerDrumkit with Reaper, it's really easy to use so that's the reason drums have started actually showing up in my tracks in the last year or so 😀 free to use, although I paid it because I found it useful. it's MIDI so you can set the pattern and then make it faster or slower by adjusting the project BPM if you find it's too fast or slow. lots of premade loops to choose from, and you can set the number of bars between fills and choose individual beats and fills and then copy/paste them around in your project if you want. You can also play it with a MIDI controller, which I did on a track or two during 50/90. (Or just program it.) for me, it's much easier than playing to a click track that's just literal clicks. I don't know how to change timing mid-song though using the pre-programmed loops.

    My workflow when I'm using this: write on guitar/uke/keyboard and get my des

  • @owl  Mar 4

    Do you ever re-record or comp takes? Do you try to figure out how you'll match lyric to music before hitting record, and adjust lyrics/make notes accordingly? Do you record vox/guitar separately, and ever to a click? Otherwise yeah, that does sound like a high-pressure/stressful process. How are you making notes for yourself of what you plan to do? I often make myself a scratch track of ideas with reaper or just the voice memos on my phone, as I'm working a song out, or I may find I've forgotten the rhythm or melody I intended for a verse or lead by the time the chorus rolls around. Then I can remind myself before recording. I was only able to do a single take of "the judas goat" because I'd been doing that all evening and had it worked out mentally and written down. (And also because unlike you I'm never doing anything interesting on guitar. Which makes it much less interesting to listen to but much easier to pull it off when recording)

    The wrong-way slide still sounded really cool b

  • @caterwauler Mar 4

    I love your lefty guitar story. In my early guitar years, I fancied having a lefty to force me into a new approach of the instrument, but never bought one.
    I would be willing to read your story and give you feedback (for what it's worth) ; just not right now, as I'm caught in intense personal endeavours. Contact me in let's say, one month from now? Hopefully I'm done with what my stuff by then.
    Thanks for the invite. 😀

  • @owl  Mar 2

    oh and i forgot to answer one of your questions. If I'm writing for a collab where someone has sent me music, of course I have to try and write for that and it typically fits a defined structure, but I take a very loose approach to structure and rhyme schemes otherwise.

  • @owl  Mar 2

    site ate my comment, here's the rest:
    it felt weird to add it after the fact but I felt like it needed it (can't remember why).

    or this song, we were playing for probably months but it never really clicked till I completely revised the chorus to feel much more different from the verse (this is the revised version):

    What is your approach? I feel like you always have such firm conceptual/philosophical ideas in your lyrics.

    I'm using Reaper. if recording on my phone, I use Spire, but it's not really a DAW so much as a simple 4-track recorder.

  • @owl  Mar 2

    hmm... if all goes well, I don't spend very long writing lyrics at all, I've written lyrics I liked a lot coming out of 1h skirmishes. it might take a long time to get started but usually once I feel like I have a "hook" into a song--melody and where I want to take it content-wise--I will either complete it in a few hours or abandon it, if it takes longer than that to complete once I know where I'm trying to go, it usually means it's not a keeper for me.

    I spend even less time revising. revisions are also a sort of punctuated equilibrium thing where i may sing a song a few times and realize some particular phrase isn't working for me and try to figure out a way to fix it, but I don't spend ages poring over it. or sometimes I feel like I need to add something structure-wise. e.g. https://gentlebrontosaurus.bandcamp.c... this song, I added the "feeling footloose and duty-free" chorus lyrics at some point after we'd started playing it, and it felt weird to add it

  • @owl  Mar 1

    thanks for your comments--have a look at the Verlaines and see if you think it's similar? good listening pre-NZ trip in any case.
    I used a few sus chords directly thinking about the Verlaines, but I don't think the rest is too close:

    possibly closer to the clean

    by "senior year apartment" I just meant the apartment he was living in during his senior year of university.

  • @lanasolyluna Mar 1

    Oh thanks so much for your comment! I often sing about feminist themes, but always forget to tag it that, so maybe there are more forgetful feminists (FFs) out there 😀

  • @caterwauler Feb 28

    I didn't want to bust your zong with a silly comment, so I'm putting it here : Since when are you too pretentious to sing a song?
    Just add "he says" at the beginning and "bullshit" at the end, and sing. 😀
    I wasn't in the Hoopshank circle either. I was connected to him without being connected to his other fawm friends. And yes, the comments from people who never knew him makes me realize that I've been here for quite a long time. Too long, maybe.
    Re Devin Townsend : friends of mine introduced me to his stuff long ago. I remember I liked it, but I never delved into it. The track you linked me to reminds me that I should. Thanks.

  • @fluidvolt Feb 20

    That's an interesting way to think about it... for me I've always seen frustration at keypresses coming from the illusion being broken that you are the little man on the screen. But I think you might be right... Thanks for the suggestions, I'm going to try both and see how they feel.

    Glad you liked the tricky coin level too! (I assume you mean the one where it matters what order you collect the coins in?) I'm pretty proud of that game, for being made in 48 hrs at least.

  • @vomvorton  Feb 20

    That's the bass! Recording it unplugged was surprisingly successful, I'll definitely use that trick again.

  • @vomvorton  Feb 20

    Thanks, I'm really pleased with how everything sounds on that track! There's an acoustic guitar (tuned down a whole step for some reason), ukulele and an electric bass recorded by just pointing a microphone at the strings with no amp, which I've never tried before but ended up sounding quite good I think.

  • @fluidvolt Feb 17

    I wouldn't say I'm opposed to winning in a game... tho I do tend to like when you can't 😀 . The game i made right before this, you can win, but winning maybe isn't the right term:

    The delays are intentional, but you're right that they all aren't signaled as well as they could. I think I couldn't think of a way to signal the ability to blow air..? Maybe just a sound effect? Any ideas?

  • @fluidvolt Feb 17

    Hey thanks for playing!! it's short and rough but i like how it turned out... happy to hear you had fun with it 😀

  • @owl  Feb 15

    PENGUINS! Jealous. I suppose we have bald eagles not far from here so that's pretty good.

    The Charleston cave was quiet and empty actually. They take tour groups through every few hours, but they're small; we went through the caves in a group of about 6, I think. There's a much more impressive glowworm/rafting cavern on the north island but i assume it's also much busier.

  • @vomvorton  Feb 15

    Sorry to hear that! I hope you find a solution that lets you record more easily. I'm struggling with a cold that has stopped me doing much singing so I can sympathise.

  • @owl  Feb 9

    we didn't go to the North Island, but the West Coast of the South Island was one of the most beautiful places I've ever been in my life! lush jungles, glaciers, fjords... there was a place in Charleston where you can go hiking through the rainforest then through 3 levels of caves full of beautiful rock formations, and then at the end of it, you float in pitch blackness down an underground river that flows through a cavern filled with glowworms--one of the most amazing experiences ever, it's in my head to maybe write a song about it this FAWM. Also we went swimming with dolphins and that was kind of a mixed bag (I thought it was great, my husband got seasick) and we also saw penguins, which is maybe a thing you have in Australia and not that exciting to you though. I did not think any of the cities we visited were particularly culturally interesting, though. when is your trip?

  • @fluidvolt Feb 8

    hope you're in!

  • @owl  Feb 5

    NZ was awesome! where are you going/what are you doing?

  • @owl  Feb 4

    hi! thanks for coming and commenting! I hope to see some new tunes from you this February. I was in your country in December btw! Just for a few hours (8-hr layover in Sydney en route to 2 weeks in New Zealand. I saw an ibis eating garbage and was enchanted.)

  • @caterwauler Jan 28


  • @zecoop  Jan 19

    *waves* from the winter hemisphere... I'm very jealous. 😀