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  Feb 2010

Artist Bio

Influences:   2018 - 3 albums resonating with me right now - Laura Marling's, "Semper Femina," Liz Phair's "Exile in Guyville," and Lily Allen's "Alright, Still." Weird combo, right? I don't know why, but can't listen to them too much. Let's see if/how they influence my music. . . glad to be back, will try to catch up quickly! Old-school: Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Carole King, Beatles, Tom Petty, The Police, Star Wars soundtrack, The Cure, Squeeze, Led Zeppelin Somewhere In Between: Liz Phair, Kathleen Edwards, Lucinda Williams, Elliott Smith, Patty Griffin, Edie Brickell, Steve Earle, Brazilian Girls, Aimee Mann, Gillian Welch & David Rawlings, Erin McKeown Current: Andrew Bird, Brandi Carlile, Cat Power, Daughter, Mandolin Orange, Civil Wars, Alexi Murdoch, Adele, First Aid Kit, and oh how I love Taylor Swift!

Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter, Angel in a Power Suit.

FAWM 2016 - why do I still do this??

FAWM 2017 - reluctant return.

FAWM 2018 - joining in late, I just can't help myself. . . and I miss you all!


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  • @sbs2018 6 days

    Thanks for the comment on β€œYou’re Such a Louse.” The answer you seek is in the Bridge. πŸ˜€

  • @haim  1 week

    Hi. Thanks for the cute comment on "How come a pretty woman like you loves me". And thanks for the English mistakes correction, I am more than happy to have corrections on that subject, yeah you remember correctly from the first year, I asked for correction and for those who still remember, like you, (I think you are the only one ..) I'm happy to have corrections. probably I will re-record the wrong parts and undate the link. Thanks, it's very valuable and teaching corrections.

  • @downburst  1 week

    Angelina! So good to hear from you. I thought you had bailed on us. Thanks for the listen, glad it made you laugh.

  • @haim  1 week

    Hi Angelina! that you! I'm good.. working on my first album these days (although stopped the process for fawm), How are you doing? I see one song until now, your'e gonna go for 14 this year?

  • @zecoop  1 week

    Yay!!! Welcome back and I'm blown away with your first song. Sooooo good. πŸ˜€

  • @johnstaples  1 week

    just checking in for new songs... πŸ˜€

  • @johnstaples  2 weeks

    Whereyaat Angelina??? Wanna hear your lovely voice!!

  • @slawbleu  2 weeks

    Hope to see you back here -- I always look forward to hearing the awesomeness you come up with!! πŸ˜€

  • @haim  3 weeks

    Hi how are you? Hope to see you around soon.

  • @johncrossman  3 weeks

    The pull of fawm is strong... πŸ˜€

  • @carleybaer 3 weeks

    Are you here?? I hope so πŸ˜€

  • @downburst  4 weeks

    Angelinapowerhat! I hope you overcome your reluctance, at least a little. I miss your sweet voice.

  • @zecoop  4 weeks

    Angelina!!! I hope you are back... Looking forward to more from you. πŸ˜€