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Jacksonville USA   Feb 2016  

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A polyglot polymath traveling the world. Loves sailing, writing, language, science, martial art & making art and music. Come & follow me?


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  • @punkrockfuneral Mar 4

    Right on! Just out of curiosity, which languages do you speak, where are you right now, and are you traveling with a guitar / iPad?

  • @krayzie003  Mar 2

    Thanks for your comment on C.U.N.T. I went with the more traditional acronym of Can't Understand Normal Thinking instead of C U Next Tuesday on this one.

  • @andrewjtaylor  Mar 2

    Thanks @andyt13 for listening to "Slippin' Trippin'" and for your kind words!

  • @juoppis  Mar 2

    Thanks for your comments on my songs! You're right, I should add some autotune on Smell the Pleasure, that would do the trick! 😁

  • @andrewjtaylor  Feb 2017

    Thanks very much for your kind words and encouragement on my songs, @andyt13! I really appreciate it.