ZenCuppa 5


Cincinnati USA   Jan 2016

Artist Bio

Influences:   Filk, folk, lots of people

Looking to jump start my songwriting again, after a 10 year break. My goal is to first write the lyrics for 14 songs and then go back and put them to music.

Songs (5)

#1 My Musical Sanity 4
Feb 1
#2 Hot Flashes and Leather 7
Feb 2
#3 Flying Again 4
Feb 2
#4 A Pretty Pair of Wings 3
Feb 4
#5 Tell Me Something Good Today--Would you, could you, will you? 4
Feb 13


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  • @dragondreams  Feb 2

    Thanks for the link! I'll be checking it out soon. I've been fascinated by dragons and anything connected to them since before I could walk! 😀

  • @snoozin  Feb 1

    I appreciate your feedback about my song Sunny Side of Addiction. Thanks and FAWM on!

  • @dragondreams  Feb 1

    Hey. 😊
    Nice to see you here again!

  • @guatecoop  Feb 1

    Glad you're back! Last year was your first, right? Best wishes to you!