Freelance Anesthetists 15


Milwaukee USA   Jan 2018  

Artist Bio

Influences:   The Good Life, Fourth of July, Brand New, The Swell Season, Damien Rice, David Bazan, Bill Mallonee.

This is my first year attempting FAWM, I finally remembered before February. Figuring out how to work a new recording setup so no guarantees anything will make it past phone demos. I have a perhaps unhealthy fascination with harmonics and alternate tunings.

Songs (15)

#1 Here Goes Nothing 6
Feb 2018
#2 Christendom 5
Feb 2018
#3 Front Rows Past 4
Feb 2018
#4 7th Street 3
Feb 2018
#5 Fade Out 2
Feb 2018
#6 Zip Ties That Bind 2
Feb 2018
#7 I Still Love You @benjo  4
Feb 15
#8 Don't Leave Me Now @benjo  6
Feb 16
#9 Sleep Well 1
Feb 16
#10 By and By 4
Feb 18
#11 From the Start 2
Feb 19
#12 Interlude 2
Feb 19
#13 Spare Some Hope 4
Feb 20
#14 One Last Try 2
Feb 23
#15 Christendom (now with drums) @sync  4
Feb 23


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  • @benjo  Feb 26

    Hey bud thanks so much
    and for making it a great fawm

  • @benjo  Feb 25

    Hi bud

    just to ask you if you post our song anywhere will you please credit me for my lyrics as
    Tony Mcglinchey

    Thank you so much


  • @sync  Feb 23

    Thanks Carl, that was fun!

  • @sync  Feb 20

    Hey Carl, Did you get my email? I can also probably just download it from soundcloud if you want.

  • @sync  Feb 20

    Hey, thanks for being open to me jamming some drums on you track! Can you email it to me?

  • @benjo  Feb 16

    Hey Carl WOW MAN WOW
    you really got a taste for this collabing, and thank god
    it's like you know how i feel when i write a lyric, cause you give it that passion, and the amotive touch that it needs, and to tell the story
    sorry i'm late getting to this one bud i just got home now, you are so musically gifted, and to have the vocal to go with it is a blessing i wish i had
    for showing your interest in my lyrics and the respect you've shown right through, TAKE A BOW

  • @benjo  Feb 15

    you threw your soul at this and oh man it shows right through
    i dont know what to say, you really must have felt those words because boy did you connect with this, i must say that brought a tear to my eye from the intro guitar to the way you ended it on the begining again, vocally musically incredible, i dont know what to say, THANK YOU SO MUCH you must have seen what i saw in this I LOVED IT, TAKE A BOW SIR THANK YOU THANK YOU,

  • @benjo  Feb 15

    Hey sir thank you for your interest
    in my lyric i still love you, yeah you go ahead be nice to collab with you, thank you, tony

  • @devin  Feb 2018

    Good sir, that is an entry level Yamaha C-40. My clever wife set up a dinner date beside a music store, and "accidentally" had us arrive 45 minutes early. So I "somehow" managed to talk her into going inside, where I tried a bunch and said "for the money, this is the best guitar in the shop".

    By the time we finished dinner, the music store had put it into the trunk!

  • @guatecoop  Jan 2018

    Welcome! I look forward to hearing your creations and hope that you have a great time! Yeah, you may be sleeping on the floor in Feb...super fun here.