amproductions 6


  Jan 2015

Artist Bio

Influences:   Billy Joel, Trent Reznor, Cold, Ben Schigel, My Father.

What is a struggling musician to do, when he loses the ability to play guitar, piano, and drums due to a crippling neurological disorder? He adapts. This is what never giving up looks like.

Going for something a little different this year. It's been three years since my last FAWM, and I'm looking to showcase all of my obscurities. It's time for some 80s/Electronic/industrial fun times!


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  • @amelea Feb 28

    Thanks for the Scott Pilgrim reference! Someone just told me recently to check it out for its vegan references so now I'll definitely have to. PS added the lyrics:)

  • @captainvulpine  Feb 26

    I think the last time you did FAWM was the last time I did as well. We seem to be operating on similar levels of misery. And you were the one who told me about SikTh! I'd never heard them before but had a damn good time with them over the next few years, so thanks for that. Glad to see ya here, friend.

  • @rustyp  Feb 14

    By the way, thanks for your kind comments on my song. 😀

  • @rustyp  Feb 14

    Hey man, I read your forum post and that got me to thinking about how I've wondered what I would do if I lost the use of one of my limbs. You know, I always have people come up to me and say, "I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't see." And I tell them, "you'd figure it out. You'd adapt." And so sometimes I think what would I do if I didn't have my right hand, or something.

    Anyway, I HATE when people tell me this, but I'm inspired by you because I hope and think that's what I'd do, just figure out how to do what I want to do with less appendages. 😀
    I don't feel sorry for you I admire you for not allowing yourself to be reduced! You do more with less! You do more in a different way!

  • @cowex  Feb 13

    'Fraid so! Even bathrooms that have a light switch on the inside. Oh, but there are night lights, so it's not always dark. Just those still reflective moments.