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Sheffield UK   Jan 2011  

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Influences:   Neu!, Wayne Shorter, Cardi B

2018; aka FAWM #08.

Had quite a busy year in 2017, musically. Did two huge gigs with my band 'Sheffield Sgt Pepper Project' (feat: @tobermory amongst others), playing the album in full at a festival, and then at our own headline gig coupled with 'Magical Mystery Tour' (both on their 50th anniversary). I got to sing I am the Walrus with a band and orchestra. Bucket list well and truly ticked.

Also did a one off reunion with my old band Cats:for:peru which was a lot of fun and a nice slice of nostalgia, if you're into that kinda thing.

Played plenty of gigs with my current band PILOSA with @shortdan. We're currently taking a bit of a break to see what to do next.

Other than that, I've had my eyes opened to 'Algorave' which has blown my mind a little; basically gigs around the world (though the hub seems to be Sheffield) and they live code beats with specially written software. I'm trying my hand at it but don't expect any this year! Here's the Guardian's take:

As always, give me a shout if you're up for a collaboration but can't make promises with time and all that.

Plenty of friends doing FAWM again this year (I hope), but as always a shout-out for my partner who had never even picked up a guitar until about 3 years ago - @judypie

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  • @unpronounceable 12 hours

    Same! I look forward to your musics! February will be excessively life/grad school heavy, but I am at least doing a meetup around FAWM and hope to skirm a lil' bit if nothing else! <3

  • @zecoop  23 hours

    Hey there!!! Back for our 8th FAWMs... I'm excited to get things going. Can't wait to hear what you've got. If you feel like crossing paths this year, just let me know. 😀

  • @expendablefriend 1 day

    Hey Adam! 😀 I am indeed back, and excited for Feb 1st! I missed FAWM way too much last year. My dad's had a bit of a rough year but the overall trend has been upwards, so that's all I can ask for. 😀

  • @websheldon  2 days

    DUDE! YES! I want to start NOWZ!!! I haven't got a cat in hells chance of finishing this year but I'm DEFFO taking part!

  • @sueawesome 2 days

    Adam 🙌🏻✨

  • @phlex 3 days

    Congrats on a busy year! I'm looking forward to your output this year - should be pro! Not sure what I'll be doing yet - I'll be living near the ocean, so hopefully something with ocean vibes.

  • @cts 4 days

    So - I just wanted to take minute to drop by and say hello to you. So here it goes: HELLO!! 😃

  • @steffan  4 days

    I think i'm in.

  • @caterwauler 4 days

    Heeeeey... Not decided yet. Happy to hear from you.

  • @kristian  4 days

    Sheffield! You know what time it is

    Great FAWM to you!

  • @balancelost 4 days

    G'day mate. You bet yer ass I am. Whether it will be any good or not remains to be seen.

  • @tobermory 4 days

    One half of your rock hands got lost in the mail.... *sad face*

  • @mdavisto  4 days

    ... nooooo. But >0 is a win.

  • @mdavisto  4 days


  • @mdavisto  4 days

    Ah yes. I see they are letting a better class of ruffian into the club these days.

  • @thelowestbitter 4 days

    *waves back*

  • @sw1n3flu  4 days

    Hola Ad

  • @oddbod  4 days

    Yes, yes, I certainly am.
    Maybe we might even....*dramatic pause*....collaborate?

  • @writeandwrong  4 days

    Best of luck to you during FAWM 2018!

  • @vomvorton  4 days


  • @judypie 4 days

    😁 Alright love! I may give it a go. Not decided on whether to do a whole-hearted or half-arsed attempt yet though! Will see how it grips me! See you in March baby! 😀

  • @shortdan  4 days

    ADAM! Are we excited yet? Are we?!