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137 42 Västerhaninge Sweden   Jan 2017  

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Influences:   Silla, Jace Everett, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Roger Withaker, Fler, Torsten flink

Post FAWM update!
This wad My First FAWM and I really enjoyed it. 44 songs ... I Would not have Done it without the amazing atmosphere in here!
Love you guys Both for all comments and collabs! If anyone to have a take and do another version Please do and let me hear it! I absolutely Love to hear you sing My songs!
I am still reachable here, on all My links in bio and on the FAWM slack Chanel!
Love to hear from you!
And if you want to meet up and Jam in Sweden or busking trough summer also hit me up!
I will attend 5090!


I am from Sweden and enjoy writing songs on the guitar, ukulele, keyboard, or whatever weird instruments I finds in the attic . I studie songwriting at the Uni Also took Songwriting @Sheffield uni.
I like minor chords and I work on strenghten my lyrics. I also go busking during the summer.

Songs (44)

#1 CarryOn 16
Feb 2017
#2 You were my Hero 26
Feb 2017
#3 A love so blind 7
Feb 2017
#4 Princess of Darkness 4
Feb 2017
#5 The Busker 11
Feb 2017
#6 And when you… @arthurrossi 5
Feb 2017
#7 Little Voice (s) @tonyw  6
Feb 2017
#8 Seaweed 12
Feb 2017
#9 Please Me 7
Feb 2017
#10 Black Fallen Angel @billwhite51 16
Feb 2017
#11 Silverdagger 5
Feb 2017
#12 I cant belive you (Fearless songwriter challenge) 5
Feb 2017
#13 This bloody valentine 4
Feb 2017
#14 My Bloody Valentine @cynthiawolff  19
Feb 2017
#15 Sinners nest 6
Feb 2017
#16 @#*$&%! you 3 o'clock inthe morning 3
Feb 2017
#17 Hey little girl @petemurphy  15
Feb 2017
#18 I am so over you @vomvorton  9
Feb 2017
#19 Drunken sailor Inn 5
Feb 2017
#20 Lovesong to life 9
Feb 14
#21 Restless In My Socks @donna  12
Feb 15
#22 If You Could @negasi  7
Feb 16
#23 On your knees 12
Feb 16
#24 Rip out her naughty 5
Feb 17
#25 Confession of the Black Fallen Angels mistress 4
Feb 17
#26 To Whom was I betrothed? 3
Feb 18
#27 To my mistress 5
Feb 18
#28 The harbour Whore 7
Feb 19
#29 Felony 4
Feb 20
#30 The sailors kid 7
Feb 20
#31 Sailor vs Black Fallen Angel 5
Feb 21
#32 The town priest is drunk 7
Feb 22
#33 Where I sing @crisp1  7
Feb 22
#34 Go home 4
Feb 23
#35 Crusaders on their knees 4
Feb 23
#36 The Madames girls 3
Feb 24
#37 Black Fallen Angels manager quit 3
Feb 25
#38 Mermaids 4
Feb 25
#39 Hunger for me 8
Feb 25
#40 Just for the night 3
Feb 26
#41 I will catch you 4
Feb 26
#42 ´Don´t fall in love with me 13
Feb 26
#43 If God was a garden gnome ( I would pray) 6
Feb 27
#44 Thank you (FAWMERS) For the show 11
Feb 27


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  • @gvgeis Apr 8

    Hey Maddie! Sorry for the long delay, but I've been working on a ship. I wanted to say tack, for your listen and comments on Little Star. I'm so glad that you enjoyed it! I very much appreciate your feedback and enthusiasm. 😀

  • @spinhead  Mar 19

    Schedule is falling apart (van in the shop twice, spent yesterday buying a second car) and leaving on a week long trip to my favorite nephew's wedding, so it looks like I'll be invisible and silent for the rest of March. Might not get back here anytime soon to listen and comment, but if I don't, promise me you'll remind me for us to do a collaboration in 2018, eh?

  • @billwhite51 Mar 18

    plese send me black angel chords and ill get right on it.

  • @danvaillancourt  Mar 17

    Maddie! You are amazing. What a fantastic first FAWM for you. Lots of new songs. Thank you so much for all of your kind words and frequent commenting. It was a rocky month and your words helped lighten the mood. 😉

  • @ballyhoot  Mar 17

    Thanks for your comments on several of my songs!!

  • @crisp1  Mar 15

    Thanks for your super nice comment on The Bride Wore Black, Maddie. I had a lot of fun writing that lyric.

  • @spinhead  Mar 15

    Ah, glad you're still around. I'll be back this week to visit.

    Tell me, what kind of feedback works best for you? I want to be helpful.

  • @spinhead  Mar 14

    Even more songs than me 😉

    You're on my list to listen and comment during March. Hope you're still around.

  • @hummingbear Mar 11

    My email's on my website. I'd like to listen to your Swedish songs once they're available so drop me a line if you think of it.

  • @chandra83  Mar 11

    thanks for your comment on "no right" 😀

  • @hummingbear Mar 11

    I saw on your website you got an award for "Leksaksgubben." Is that posted somewhere so I can listen to it? Also, jonmeta wrote a humorous song "Surströmming" explaining the reason for immigration to the USA. : )

  • @fearlessflight2014  Mar 10

    Just a note to say I DID actually finish my kitchen lyric you commented on. If you are curious.

  • @vomvorton  Mar 9

    Yes I'll be around for 50/90, definitely up for another collaboration!

  • @vomvorton  Mar 9

    You're welcome! Yes, please do anything you like with it!

  • @vomvorton  Mar 9

    Excellent! Glad you like it, thanks for putting it out there for collaboration, I had fun!

  • @vomvorton  Mar 9

    Hi Maddie, I have recorded a version of "I am so over you", hope you like it:

    I realised while recording that maybe it would be better suited to a female vocal... so here is an instrumental version if you should want to sing it yourself or find somebody else to have a go...

  • @bitshred  Mar 8

    Thanks so much for listening! I appreciate yah!

  • @apertome  Mar 3

    Thanks so much for checking out "Duality of light and dream" and your great compliments. Wow, it looks like you had a very productive fawm!

  • @cnidaria  Mar 3

    Whenever I visit your page I am always baffled / in awe of how many songs you have posted, and of really consistently good quality (from the ones I've heard at least).

  • @crisp1  Mar 3

    Thanks for your really nice comments on What Youth Is For and your kind words on the (surprise) collaboration on Heart-Shaped Knife. You have been a huge inspiration throughout FAWM with all your comments, Maddie. Really appreciated!

  • @tuomoh Mar 3

    Thanks for your kind words on "In Their Eyes", much appreciated! Yeah, I guess it isn't straight rock but for me it's got one foot at the rock territory. 😀

  • @julesbf  Mar 2

    Thanks for your commment on spem I will be back to try out some more of your amazing total

  • @tonyw  Mar 1

    Hi Maddie,
    I made it to the 14, you seem to have really made it.... Thanks for your support over the month. I reall enjoyed it and after every upload I waited to see if you'd comment. I will keep an ear out for your numbers in the closed season. I certinly intend to work on mine and see the better ones into an album

  • @dasbinky  Mar 1

    Thanks so much for all of the comments throughout FAWM! I'm looking forward to catching up on some of your stuff, but I do most of my listening at work and Soundcloud is blocked there. Hope to hear it soon, and congrats on overshooting the goal by 30!

  • @jamkar  Mar 1

    Thank you for your comments Maddie. Looking forward to some listens at yours!

  • @axl Mar 1

    Maddie! Thank you very much for all your lovely comments. I've done FAWM before many times but for some reason this year I found it hard to really get into it. Your support was part of of the reason I carried on after all, and I'm glad I did. It was great to meet you and I hope to see you again! 😀

  • @musicsongwriter Mar 1

    Thank you Maddie for your amazing support! I'll be back.

  • @sueawesome Mar 1

    Thank you for the comment on the demo for our favorite song!

    44!!! 😳 Congrats!!!

  • @karlsburg25  Mar 1

    thanks so much for such a beautiful comment on my last song. I am now going to collapse for a few hours. Phew

  • @downfallroad  Feb 28

    Wow. 44 songs. That is a daunting list. Thanks for listening to "Fire Eyes"!

  • @susancantey  Feb 28

    Wow...that's a LOT of songs...must listen to a few...

  • @negasi  Feb 27

    Thanks for so many comments I appreciate it a ton <3 I do most of my commenting in March so expect some back! Thanks so much again 😀

  • @wacha Feb 27

    Thank you very much for comment on "The Freer I Feel". This was my first attempt at a collaboration. I will definitely be open to more of them next year.

  • @wacha Feb 27

    Thank you very much for all the comments on my songs, I really appreciate them!

  • @roddy  Feb 26

    Thanks for your comments on the collab with @cynthiawolff - they were really much appreciated.

  • @crisp1  Feb 25

    Thanks for the comments on Trail of Tears and the punk rock song, too. Looks like you are staying busy!

  • @axl Feb 25

    I did an improv theater workshop last year. and also read Improv Wisdom by Patricia Ryan Madson. So much there was totally outside my comfort zone. I know there are more lessons there to be learned for a recovering perfectionist like me. Thanks for the reminder.

  • @jessica14  Feb 25

    You really got your creative juices flowing jere. Congrats on 36 songs!

  • @electrocelte Feb 25

    36 songs now... oh my goodness!!

  • @cynthiawolff  Feb 24

    Hi Maddie...
    haha you are the ONLY ONE who heard the Grandfather Clock chiming on my skirmish song, Turn Around...
    good ear!!! xxxc

  • @russiasaturn  Feb 24

    Thank you for the kind words on Honeysuckle! I look forwarding to listening to your stuff once the craziness is over! 😀

  • @kovbleu  Feb 24

    GIRRLLLLL You are killing it!! 36 songs!!!!!!! You're blowing my mind. I can't wait to get caught up listening. Trying to wrap up a few more myself but I will be back listening/commenting in March for SURE. 😀

  • @engebretsen  Feb 24

    Tackar så mycket för herlig kommentar på "Theresgate". !!!

  • @michaelepic Feb 24

    Congratulations on completing FAWM! Impressive spread you have! Well done!

  • @js6  Feb 24

    Thank you for the comment on my 11th song. I actually decided that I should sing it, so.. Here's an updated version:


  • @js6  Feb 24

    Hej Maddie, tack för din kommentar på A Man in the Desert 😀

  • @tonyw  Feb 23

    Hi Maddie, thanks for commenting on 'Grapes'. I have added a note about the Booze Cruise to the song.

  • @kovbleu  Feb 23

    Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments on "House" that I got to sing with Jacob on. It was a pleasure getting collaborate with him. He's so gosh darn talented!! 😀 I am so behind in listening since tracking vocals has taking 5 times longer than usual with my voice being weak. But I'll be back to get caught up on more of your songs as soon as possible!!

  • @engebretsen  Feb 23

    Thank you so much for comments on "Who Will" I am happy that you find these lyrics from @negasi and music/vocal so good.

  • @karlsburg25  Feb 23

    thanks so much for the comment lovely. And i promise to get round to your massive output. REally well done. I am curently sneaking a bit of next door's wifi 😉

  • @tonyw  Feb 22

    Thanks Maddie for your words about 'White Lightning'. I like the way Winchester tries to deal with homelessness. We have a fantastic new hostel building, with collection boxes over the city that ask you to give in the box rather than directly to those on the street (drugs, drink etc).

  • @thewaringwomen Feb 22

    Thank you for looking. Hope it works out

  • @spinhead  Feb 22

    I finally tuned my uke to a mandolin tuning so I can actually play it. Just couldn't get my fingers around the ukulele chords.

  • @thewaringwomen Feb 22

    Sub By TheWaringwomen
    She binds her hands to her feet
    Then lies naked on the floor
    Then waits for the one
    She serves and adores

    Yes she knows what's coming
    She calls it pleasure
    Most would call it pain
    From first taste she craves it
    She is just is not the same

    Cruel and unusual
    Inhuman  and brash
    Tears well up in her eyes
    As he treats her like trash

    He pokes and prods with objects
    Designed for animals like swine
    If she submits long enough
    The orgasm will be divine

    The object she becomes
    Is a  receptacle of pain
    With long suffering long enough
    Ecstasy is what she will gain

  • @axl Feb 21

    Hey Maddie, thanks for the encouragement. You're clearly having the opposite of a songwriting crisis! Amazing stuff you put out. Keep going!

  • @wacha Feb 21

    thanks for the comments on " Burn the Witches", I had a pretty distinct idea on what I wanted the rhythm to be which was little more difficult to record and sing at the same time than I thought it would be so I backed off of what I had wanted to do. "Behaved girls seldom get things Done" was a play on a meme I saw on facebook. I was trying to use either real quotes or topical statements to make the song.

    Thanks for the comments on my love songs too, I don't tend to write a lot of them because most of the the time I write when I am angry. I got a few love songs out of FAWM last year too. I try to balance all my anger with a touch of love.

  • @flutterby42 Feb 21

    Tack själv för dina kommentarer! Jag är så nöjd att se en andra person från Sverige här! Jag älskar din musik!

  • @vaticanvamps14 Feb 21

    Thanks again for all your kind comments 😀

  • @metalfoot  Feb 21

    Thanks so much for stopping by to listen to some of my stuff. I really do appreciate your feedback (and I'm glad you like the mandolin!).

  • @dutch1967 Feb 20

    Tack så mycket Maddie for commenting on Never Had It So Good. C may not exactly be my key for that song. I was straining all the way through the coruses. Ah well, maybe that adds to the "don't whine, just do it" vibe.

  • @electrocelte Feb 20

    Thanks maddie... I think I was aiming for something Smashing Pumpkins like but ended up with Bon Jovi 😉

    And wow, 28 songs... congratulations!!!

  • @jibbidy34  Feb 20

    Hey thanks for listening to Gift Girl. I was a bit tired from skirmishing all day by that point. So cool that you have studied songwriting at Uni! I always wanted to do that - it's prob a bit late for me now haha. Ja vi kann ochsa pratar pa svenska. Skriv du ledar pa svenska eller?

  • @musicsongwriter Feb 19

    Thank you Maddie for your warm comment on my lyric.

  • @jibbidy34  Feb 19

    Hej och tack for att listnar till Road Trip With You 😀

  • @neilconnor Feb 19

    Thanks for the comments on cowrite with Igg on long way round to heaven. Boy you've been busy... 😀 neil

  • @kathym  Feb 18

    WOW ... here I'm trying to catch up on week old soundboards and you've blown the top off of things!!! Thank you for your kind comments on Broken Pennies. I so appreciate that you understood the character in the song and that I tried to keep it from getting too busy. I'll be popping in to hear some of your things over the weekend. The day job has taken much more of my time this week than it should have.

  • @negasi  Feb 18

    Hey awesome take on the lyrics! I'll add it to the original lyrics 😁 Thanks!

  • @billgcaldwell  Feb 17

    Thanks for your comment on I can no longer smell. It was fun to write, got the idea last night (instead of sleeping, my darn muse is at it again).

  • @spinhead  Feb 17

    And thank you for the continued comments on my stuff. Having my best FAWM ever.

  • @spinhead  Feb 17

    Swedish fish:

    I've never understood it.

  • @jacobeverettwallace  Feb 17

    Thank you for all of your amazing comments on my songs! Much appreciated! You're on my list of people I need to listen to very soon. 😀

  • @crisp1  Feb 17

    Thanks for commenting on a couple of my lyrics. If you have time, check out what jacobeverettwallace did with All the Dark Distance.

  • @chandra83  Feb 17


  • @arthurrossi Feb 17

    Thanks so much for sending me the demo... I really love this song... Thank you so much!

  • @spinhead  Feb 16

    In the wee hours of the mornings when I can't sleep and I'm sad about something, I'll read your comment about my voice on "The Ballad of Ed Tom Bell" and all will be right again.

  • @musicsongwriter Feb 16

    Thank you so much Maddie for your beautiful support.

  • @samhealer Feb 16

    Thanks for the comment, Maddie! I'm actually visiting Sweden in the summer, maybe I'll catch you busking some time 😀

  • @robinkirby Feb 16

    great songs 😉

  • @eighteenisnine  Feb 16

    Hi! Thanks for the nice comment!

  • @gdalessio Feb 16

    Hi Maddie - thanks for listening to my dog song.

  • @arthurrossi Feb 16

    Hey! I would like to thank you very, VERY much for the wonderful song that you made for "And when you...". I am totally in love with the wonderful melody and the general feel you create with the music and your performance... Great vocal delivery! I am really so happy how it turned out... I have added you as collaborator and uploaded the link, but, of course, if you prefer, please, feel free to re-post the demo...
    May I ask you a favor? I would love to save the demo and to listen to it also long time when FAWM is over... Could you be so kind to make the demo downloadable, or else to send the mp3-file on my email address, which is
    ? I would be very happy about it... Thanks soooooo much again!

  • @kingwoodkowboy  Feb 16

    acousticmaddie, thanks for your comment on "Little Buckaroo In The Big Corral". Glad I survived.

  • @musicsongwriter Feb 15

    You are very welcome Maddie, it's a pleasure to comment.

  • @jamkar  Feb 15

    Hey thanks Maddie!

  • @ferry0123 Feb 15

    Thanks Maddie, glad you liked it!

  • @musicsongwriter Feb 15

    You are very welcome. Thank you so much for your warm comment on my dreamy piece.

  • @emplate Feb 14

    Oh, now that I look the influences you've listed no wonder I thought of him! 😀 I like it how the influences can be heard in your work, but you by no means sound like you would be copying someone, but you're doing honest music which comes naturally to you!

  • @spunky4455 Feb 2017

    Hi, thanks for listening to our song, and I'm glad you like it. Yes, still working on perfecting my home studio recording chops, so thank you for the compliment. You have a lot of material I will have to get around to checking out. Have a great FAWM!

  • @atitlan Feb 2017

    Thanks for your comment on my anti-valentine song. I hope the demo won't be too long arriving.

  • @jessica14  Feb 2017

    Hey Maddie! Thanks for listening to my song "Charlie"! I am impressed with how many songs you've already written! You are rollin' girl 😀

  • @cynthiawolff  Feb 2017

    Good morning Maddie...
    Absolutely...share My Bloody Valentine on your soundcloud...
    It was really cool playing your song...I hope we can collab again.cxx

  • @petemurphy  Feb 2017

    Yes, of course... feel free to post it anywhere. I don't even mind if people post things on Facebook, as long as they don't tag me in it.
    And yes, feel free to add it to the song/collab page.
    I'm glad you like it. The words are really great. Thank you for asking me to collaborate with you 😀

  • @petemurphy  Feb 2017

    Hello Maddie, I've just put together a quick idea for Hey Little Girl. Sorry, I messed the title up on the mp3 when I labelled it -

  • @emplate Feb 2017

    Hey, thanks for your comment on "With Spears And Arrows"! I didn't mean to come out too negative, I usually just want to open my creative process in the liner notes, and I guess creative process is often balancing between thinking that "this is the best idea ever" and "I hate this shit and myself" : D But the bottom line is, I sincerely think there's lots of good ideas in that song which I can probably use later, so that's definitely a good thing! 😀

  • @beat  Feb 2017

    Thx for listening and the words.
    Wow, you're already at #15! Great...

  • @aprilm Feb 2017

    Thanks for checking out Your Sweet Valentine! It was so fun to do! And yes, I think it's the perfect deal - I am NOT into tall this gushiness in real life though I do write some gushy songs lol

  • @siebass  Feb 2017

    Thanks for stopping by to listen to I am thinking of you, I am sorry to hear that you have also lost a sibling. Writing music has definitely helped a lot, it was the first thing I thought of, but it took a long time for it to turn into a song I felt good about. I like the minor chord stuff you're putting out!

  • @cynthiawolff  Feb 2017

    The first demo was really quick, just to see if you would want to use it...sorry it was so bad, I'm not skilled at just playing and singing a brand new song...need to practice it first!!! Thank you...if was fun...I love your music and style

  • @cynthiawolff  Feb 2017

    Tried to get my photo off of our collab but couldn't figure out how to do for right now that is still what is showing...

  • @cynthiawolff  Feb 2017

    Hello Maddie,
    I re-did the demo on This Bloody Valentine..
    just a quick 4 track demo....added some bits...