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Mount Orab USA / Jan 2010

Artist Bio

Influences:   I am influenced by music. Great music, terrible music, and all that's in between. Everysong has a place and a purpose and I like to pull from whatever it is I can find in that song.

Shocked that I actually got them written. Now it's time to re-write and record....

Here we go again. I would not have believed it last year but this year is busier than ever before. So completely this season's challenge will be a bigger task than I've had previously. Would love to have some help from fellow FAWMers if anyone is up for a co-write! Let's do this....Good luck to everyone. Can't wait to hear all the creativity.


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  • @ericae  Feb 2014

    Aaron! Where've you been? Thanks for the comments. Believe it or not, the title A Brief History of Angels came to me in a dream. It was the title of a book in my dream, but I'm not a novelist, so I did what I could do. smile Cool ideas on Bad Situation. I'll talk to my cowriter. Hoping to hear something from you soon!

  • @fourlife  Feb 2014

    Hey! Where's the music, man? smile Hope to hear some of your stuff soon!

  • @ericae  Feb 2014

    Hey, slacker, whatcha doing? wink

  • @daveed  Feb 2014

    Hey, brother. Glad ur back!!

  • @mctown Feb 2014


  • @fourlife  Feb 2014

    Hey! Glad to see you back. Only a few more hours now...can't wait! smile

  • @ericae  Jan 2014

    Heck, yes, I'm back! Can't wait to get started!