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Netherlands   Jan 2008  

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Influences:   Immortal, Emperor, Winterfylleth, Mayhem, Wolves In The Throne Room, Amon Amarth

For those of you who know me, hello! It's lovely to be here again!

For those of you I've not met yet, I am the creator of Abomnium, a black metal band signed since 2012 to UKEM Records. FAWM is where I come for the inspiration and creative push to make new songs. I love it. And I'm so happy to be back again this year!

Here we go again...

Songs (22)

#1 Self-Perpetual Rebirth Spider @stephenwordsmith  55
Feb 2016
#2 The Gods Of Grace 36
Feb 2016
#3 We Were Monsters @gordon 16
Feb 2016
#4 Killer Snowstorm @tfish77 14
Feb 2016
#5 Vigils 15
Feb 2016
#6 Wahnsinn @headfirstonly  35
Feb 2016
#7 Need to know basis @dragondreams  28
Feb 10
#8 Army of Cats @ryako  43
Feb 11
#9 Binary Singularity @dunwich  29
Feb 13
#10 The Lies That Bind 17
Feb 14
#11 Ripples @gordon 23
Feb 14
#12 A Crimson River @fireball  10
Feb 17
#13 Rise Of The Sith @popmythology  25
Feb 21
#14 A Plague Upon Your House 13
Feb 23
#15 Falling (Superhero Challenge) 16
Feb 23
#16 Raccoon Fhtagn! 20
Feb 25
#17 I Have A Name @leslie  18
Feb 25
#18 Don't Say Maybe @jenniferjordan 14
Feb 26
#19 The Fifth Dimension @gordon 10
Feb 27
#20 Bring It On (extra bonus track!) @gordon 6
Feb 28
#21 The Walls Of Devotion 13
Feb 28
#22 FAWM Is Down 2
Mar 1


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  • @popmythology  Mar 12

    Just wanted to leave a post-FAWM note to say thanks for you comments this year and, most of all, for the wonderful chance to collaborate again. It's always so much fun.

  • @fineexcuses Mar 8

    You know, we'll have to collaborate one year. I don't get to indulge my metal side often enough, but I can break out a snarl if I need to. A bit of intense noise does me good.

  • @mattblick  Mar 8

    Brilliant!!! - it's 104bpm thanks a lot!

  • @mattblick  Mar 8

    Actually I was hoping for 4 bars of guitar bass drums and vocals! (that's why I said I was being really cheeky!). The drums I did sounded really wimpy, my bass is horrible and I used the same guitar sounds and standard tuning as the rest of the song (it goes down to Eb on bass part) it's supposed to be a mosh breakdown / half time kinda deal... As I said, my attempt is on the link but I think you could improve it with better sounds, lower and higher octaves parts more brutal tones and whatever is the dark equivalent of sonic "fairie dust"!....What do you think?

  • @mattblick  Mar 7

    Hey there Sapient - I know FAWM is over but I have a weird (not to mention cheeky) request/collab - I have a rap track that I'm really pleased with - no no no, hear me out! - and I would love it if you could make a 4 bars heavy track to sample and replace the rather lame one I made.

    The song is here and the section is at 2:52

    The isolated section is here

    if there's anyway you can help me out let me know and I'll explain myself a little better - it's late and my brain and fingers are .....blurghghg

  • @fineexcuses Mar 7

    Hello there, Sapient - I see you've smashed FAWM again, so I'll be digging into those soon. Cheers for the nice comments on One Thing!

  • @boyatheart  Mar 6

    Thanks for the comment on 11:11. Funny thing is at this time when I returned from my trip and checked my updates there are currently 11 comments on that song and the other day when I thanked somebody for commenting on it I looked at the clock on my imac and it said 11:11 while I was typing! Freaky!

  • @wolfkier Mar 6

    I'm sure you're a menace to society, my friend
    I feel I'm sufficiently initiated now. If you'll excuse me I'm off to amazon to order my "CBT Sadochismo" T-shirt. m/
    Thanks for a great morning. Big hugs, Wolf.

  • @wolfkier Mar 6

    Thank you my friend. What a surprise to see you'd gone 9 songs in a row when I logged on. You were very kind. I'm thrilled you enjoyed and left such kind comments. I now begin my decent into black death metal. I shall make the sign of the cross and pray to God I survive the lashings of brimstone.... If you read this before I get to 9, let me know if there is possibly such a thing as a death metal love song in your list, I'm intrigued at the idea. hehehe... ok.... here goes.... bombs away! Hugs to you for all the time and care you spent this morning. It is very much appreciated. Wolf xoxo

  • @wolfkier Mar 5

    Damn! I hope they pay guys like this extra + all their long term health expenses. Thanks for following up. I watched a few follow up related metal drum cam videos on Youtube too. Still hard to believe they can sustain those "triggers" - am I learning new terminology? Hugs, Wolf xoxo

  • @wobbiewobbit  Mar 4

    hi Sap demo for Imagine now up woo hoo

  • @hmorg Mar 4

    Thanks for the comment on "Kun aikasi lopussa on"! Much appreciated! In case you're interested, I just added an English translation to the lyrics.

  • @headfirstonly  Mar 4

    Tribute band idea = super perfecto. IT SHALL HAPPEN.

  • @emplate Mar 4

    Thank you for your wonderful comments on both "Soldiers of Nothing" and "Until the Key Fits the Lock" Yeah, definitely have to be with Dead Kennedys and Napalm Death concerning the whole nazi thing.

    I'm flattered by your words about the vocal performance. I listened to your song "Falling", and I think your clean vocals sound great. You and @hmorg were actually kind of an inspiration to me, 'cause both of you bravely stepped out of your comfort zone as metalguys this year and dared to try the clean singing.

  • @blackrose1313 Mar 4

    Thank you for your comment on "Sword Dancers", I picture symphonic metal

  • @leslie  Mar 3

    Also you are one of the 9 contributors which gives you carte blanche to say what you like whenever.

  • @frogspawn Mar 3 All the @pointlessaccount +@frogspawn songs now have demos.

  • @alphanerg Mar 1

    Thanks for the comment, but wouldn't even know where to start with pitching for film music. Have you done any?

  • @reggiestyte Mar 1

    Thanks for giving "Heaven, Hell & Irony" a listen. Yeah, I don't know where that giggling came from. I never rehearsed it. It just came out spontaneously while tape was rolling. I was supposed to be on the hand drums!

  • @infinitenexus Mar 1

    Hey man! To answer your question, yes I was playing drums on that song. Much faster than that and I have to just program them. Thanks for the compliment!

  • @johnstaples  Feb 29

    Thank you for being a FAWM Centurion and giving more than 100 comments during FAWM 2016! You Rock!

  • @sallylondon Feb 29

    Hi, thanks for taking time, to feedback on my song ‘Where did all the children go’.I guess over-protection minimizes risk to some degree but things have gone too far in the opposite direction. Maybe I should pen a song about the whole ‘nanny state’ issue - might take a while! Definitely a pop melody sprang to mind for this –a compliment if you hear Massive Attack, thank you. Sinister wasn’t quite what I had in mind but reading back I can envisage how that could work!
    You've done really well to achieve 21 songs - huge congrats!

  • @timon1 Feb 29

    Thank you for checking out "The Paupers of Maidstone" and for your kind words and encouragement.

  • @airbagtester  Feb 28

    I am jealous! Would love to see a Bosch exhibition.

  • @raygungirls Feb 28

    You like the massive drums in the collab I did with @leslie - "Black Belt"? You should take a listen to my other song "Beware"...

  • @trolls2 Feb 28

    I sort of thought part of being 'fearless' would be just turning on the recorder to see what would happen. Oh such good questions @sapient about what would our lives look like if we were fearless. I'm glad you liked the lyrics. I look forward to listening to your music tomorrow. It's the wee hours here so I am going to sleep!

  • @juravial  Feb 27

    Hey! Thanks for your comment on "The Rule of Two". I've got a lot to learn when it comes to making metal music, but I am having a blast doing it!

  • @headfirstonly  Feb 26

    Read the word "Raccoons" and got bloody earwormed all over again. Curse you, sir.

    "Ooh. Ooh look. Bins!" is going to be this year's "Let them down gently." I just know it.

  • @popmythology  Feb 26

    If this actually happens I feel like getting your metal growls in on the chorus could be hilarious.

    Also, lol to @jenniferjordan's comment below. I better go check out the song.

  • @jenniferjordan Feb 26

    @sapient OH MY GOD MARRY ME!!!!!!!! I love what you did with my track, haha! That solo is awwwwwwwwesome! I love everything you've done here. One tiny stipulation is that the drums in the verses feel a bit more metal than punk ( I'm aiming for an early Green Day feel a la Dookie despite my more Pistols delivery) but apart from that it's bloody perfect. You've actually made me cackle out loud with joy listening to that. Please, PLEASE post it up as a collab

  • @jenniferjordan Feb 26

    @sapient Oh dear, I deleted the GarageBand file after I'd done it, due to the fact I'm recording all my demos on my ipad which currently has very limited memory. I have an m4a but that's probably not much better. I've not been worried about deleting them as I go because these are all just demos and I plan to record everything properly later in the year.

  • @jenniferjordan Feb 26

    @sapient Re: adding drums and solo on my 'punk pop' moanings of an eleven year old - YES PLEASE YES PLEASE YES PLEASE YES PKEASE!!!!! It was recorded at 190 I do believe

  • @djrhodyn Feb 26

    Cheers for the "Time Shift" comment. I really didn't think anyone would like it.

  • @helenseviltwin  Feb 26

    The Melacholic Clam may well be my next work.

  • @popmythology  Feb 25

    Congrats, btw, on your FAWM win! Now that you're done, wanna do one more Sith metal song? Hehe, just kidding.

  • @gordon Feb 24

    Me-write dark lyrics? I think it must be your devilish influence, lol!

  • @caterwauler  Feb 24

    "Having seen a little of how you build things up when we worked together last year" : You mean, record lazy snippets and let my collaborator do all the work?
    Thanks a lot for your lovely comment. Indeed, I've put a lot of work (and hours) in this song. I'm glad that someone noticed it.

  • @popmythology  Feb 23

    Yeah, no problem, and thank *you* for doing the superhero challenge! And yes, I truly, genuinely loved it. Your risk paid off. Also, you have a GIFT FOR YELLING IN AWESOME WAYS so of course you should use that as much as possible too.

    Thanks, also, for the comment earlier on my song about my dog (and on the Sith metal song with Emplate). I'm humbled that I could crack the hard casing of a metal giant.

  • @emplate Feb 23

    Thank you so much for your comment on "Valley of the Dark Lords"! I must say, that I, too, am quite satisfied with the dynamics of the song

  • @debs  Feb 23

    Thank you for such a beautiful comment on the collab with @popmythology, my dear. As to how I managed it...I didn't, really. The words spoke, all I had to do was hush up and listen.

  • @cindyrella  Feb 23

    Thanks for your comment on my bluegrass song. I bet you'd do great on it-if you want to try.

  • @konstisifyer Feb 22

    Thank you for your comment on "Rhythmically challenged people". Happy fawming!

  • @torniojaws Feb 19

    @emplate I'm quite the opposite, hehe. I think in the past 10 years(!), I have only released one album (or song, for that matter) with a normal guitar amp and cab mic'ed up Absolutely everything else is with VST amp sims and impulses. They've come a long way since 2006, when I started using them full-time.

  • @emplate Feb 16

    Yeah, I have to admit I've been a bit prejudiced when it comes to modelling amps, but seems like there can be some treasures among them as well And definitely know what you mean, I feel more comfortable adjusting my sound from the physical knobs instead of computer screen! Well, I have some time to look into this, as I'll probably wait 'till I graduate, so I can invest in the playing gear I really want, don't want to do any half-assed solutions in this department

  • @fireball  Feb 15

    hey hey hey... how long is the line for a sapient collaboration? i was just looking through my pages of lyrics, and one of them seemed like it might be dark black metal.

  • @guatecoop  Feb 14

    You are so involved and supportive, while you crank out so many great quality songs. I am impressed. You definitely have a noticeable and important contribution to FAWM. Thank you.

  • @krayzie003 Feb 14

    I'm not a huge metal fan but I do like to rock out every once in a while. You got some great songs here for that.

  • @gordon Feb 14

    No worries, I was just speaking to Mrs T last night and it's something she said which I just expanded a bit. Still, wine does sound like a good idea....

  • @chriddof  Feb 13

    Thanks for the comment on "Requiem". It's good to be back!

  • @emplate Feb 12

    CPU power when recording, that is Can't seem to edit comments with phone

  • @emplate Feb 12

    Thanks for your reply! Haha, yeah, I'd never consider bringing my Orange home, but at our band's rehearsal room it's awesome

    Yeah, I've heard a little about Kemper before. They're expensive as hell, but they're obviously well worth the price. Some people have said that Yamaha THR10 would be a good option if you can't afford Kemper. Do you have any idea about this amp? Also, do these kind of modelling amps demand a lot of CPU power?

    I'm sorry for bothering you, but I'm just interested in the subject I appreciate your time very much!

  • @dunwich  Feb 12

    Hey! Chris (headfirstonly) told me you did the drums for the collab...I have a pretty cool industrial piece in dire need of some drums if you'd be so interested? Let me know and how to send it on to you

  • @dragondreams  Feb 11

    Just draw-dropping!

  • @emplate Feb 10


    I absolutely love your metal guitar sound, and was wondering if you would be kind enough to shed some light on what gear you're using I find myself once again in the point when I'm thinking where should I go with my home playing/recording gear, should I just update my amp and mic, or should I start looking into world of guitar plug-ins. Obviously no one can answer these things on my behalf, and I of course realise that it's not all in the gear, you have to learn to use it, too. But still, I would really like to hear the views and methods of the people who are more experienced in these kind of things I have an Orange Rockerverb 50 head at my band's rehearsal place and it's a monster of an amp, so band playing wise I'm pretty much covered, but home recording department is still a bit of a riddle to me. Tube amps are a bit over the top for home playing, I think, especially if you ask the neighbours

  • @alphanerg Feb 10

    Thanks for the comment on "Wir Essen Kein Brot"! I don't really know a lot about musical keys, i just try to do what feels right.

  • @popmythology  Feb 10

    Ah, you honor me again, my friend. I know this is a very busy month for you, and besides there are always so many talented FAWMers to collaborate with! Not to worry if the rhythms for those songs don't quite come together, but if there's something I can do with my limited skill to help, like change the meters of the lines or add rhymes or anything like that, just let me know!

  • @headfirstonly  Feb 10

    Ha ha, yeah I was just thinking that as I gave it a listen this morning! "Did I do that bit?" Can't remember!

  • @popmythology  Feb 2016

    Thanks for stopping by! Great to see you're finding time for FAWM. It wouldn't be the same without you.

  • @aquamunkee  Feb 2016

    Sh!t man... So many fantastic metal smiths this FAWM, but years ago I remember when it seemed Sapient stood alone atop a smoking battlefield littered with acrid corpses of men and monsters...

    I may need to explore this genre, maybe not this time around but 2017?

  • @alphanerg Feb 2016

    Glad to see you are still around FAWMing and kicking ass after all these years!

  • @ryako  Feb 2016


  • @meadow Feb 2016

    Thank you for the comment. I'm using Bias FX. Give it a try if you haven't already, it's amazing.

  • @ryako  Feb 2016

    I'm so glad I got the Metal God's seal of approval. More metal? You fucking got it! (Also, you know I don't really play guitar, right?)

  • @headfirstonly  Feb 2016

    Yes, you can hear a busy bassline. Fingerstyle bass on the nine string is huge fun because the string gauges are so light I can go nuts. Haven't touched the JayDee yet this FAWM.

  • @jonniegrunge  Feb 2016

    Sapient! Woooo! Welcome back to the FAWM! Looking forward to hearing your new tracks, good sir.

  • @dasbinky  Feb 2016

    Good day sir! Secret to weirdly layered vocals: Antares Harmony Engine. Input is a single vocal line, and based on either a scale or MIDI it creates up to 6 harmony parts. In this case, a 3rd down and an octave down. Slap on loads of delay, chorus and reverb, and you too can sound like an overprocessed twat!

  • @vaticanvamps14 Feb 2016

    Nice riffs! Loving your tunes

  • @torniojaws Feb 2016

    Kick arse!

  • @lazyafro Feb 2016

    Welcome back Peter! Happy FAWMing!

  • @wobbiewobbit  Feb 2016

    thanks Sap

  • @dasbinky  Feb 2016

    I deeply look forward to another year of SapientMetal. I am prepared to bang an axe against a garbage can lid as needed.

  • @stephenwordsmith  Feb 2016

    I know one shouldn't judge a band by its name, but going by that alone, it seems we are in synch as to how we heard the lyric in our heads. Thank you for stopping by.

  • @mdavisto  Feb 2016

    Aww yisssssss the gang's all here.

  • @johncrossman  Feb 2016

    Hey peter, good to see you back for another round!

  • @prsrose Feb 2016

    Another year upon us already?
    I look forward to your work as always...

  • @thetau  Jan 2016

    A Top notch hello.

  • @devin  Jan 2016

    Hey lookit... I made it!

  • @sacraficialglam  Jan 2016

    I await the underverse of Rawk. I am patient. I will do my nightly rituals. the cooking of the bones, the mixing of the elements. I sit at the altar and know that the soon, yes soon, the portal will open in all of it's might. then I will know I am worthy of your sounds.

  • @roy  Jan 2016

    You will no doubt blow my mind again.

  • @michaelepic Jan 2016

    Very dark and mysterious and uber broodish profile pic...I dig it! FAWM 2016 digs you man...can't wait to pop in on you and see what you've got cooking this year!

  • @fearlessflight2014  Jan 2016

    Welcome baaaaack!

  • @wobbiewobbit  Jan 2016

    yaya rawk on sap
    have a good fawm

  • @ericdistad  Jan 2016

    Doh... Now I want to hear showtune metal - a metal cover of "The Hills Are Alive" from the Sound of Music could be epic - especially with an ocarina.

  • @faceofeinstein  Jan 2016

    Thanks for clearing that up for me, it will come in handy in the future. Cheers.

  • @fuzzy  Jan 2016

    Hey, Sapient, @deafsteever sent me this; "Yeah, you and @sapient totally! In the perfect FAWM universe that exists inside my imagination, Sapient would send you a heavy, epic instrumental and you would write entertaining, Fuzzy-ish lyrics and sing in your distinctive Syd Barrett-with-a-Canadian-accent-like style! Maybe a short ukulele/melodica intro, too??
    Please make my dream come true."

    Not sure how our styles would mesh, but something to think about, maybe?

  • @ericdistad  Jan 2016

    Um. Excuse me... mr... um... Sapient... Could I have some more Metal please?

    (Good to see you back! )

  • @ryako  Jan 2016

    You bet I'm fucking ready!

  • @autoclamp  Jan 2016

    Oh, I wish! Just expressing my jealousy of the four-legged friends who get to visit. If I do get to visit someday, you will be the first to know!

  • @autoclamp  Jan 2016

    Yes, is this the English/Dutch animal sitting service? Do you provide temporary housing for Minnesotan humans as well?

  • @faceofeinstein  Jan 2016

    Hello again sir. Looking forward to hearing your offering this FAWM!
    m/ .....hey I can't do the devil horns in the comments.

  • @karan  Jan 2016

    Oh I can't wait for you fabulous lyrics and wild music!

  • @sentense  Jan 2016

    Helloooooo again

  • @mikegtz  Jan 2016

    Welcome back, Peter, I'll be listening as always.

  • @gordon Jan 2016

    Is this the right one? G

  • @negasi Jan 2016

    Hi Sapient! Hope you are doing well! Let me know if you're not super busy this FAWM, would love to send some lyrics your way (or maybe do some vocals as well, who knows!)

  • @marvsmooth  Jan 2016

    Have a great FAWM!

  • @sherrycanary  Jan 2016

    Hi Sapient
    Happy FAWMing!
    Recovered from out Metal/Jazz yet

  • @johnstaples  Jan 2016

    Hey sapient! Happy FAWM 2016! Let's do this!!

  • @the3queens  Jan 2016

    Happy FAWMing!

  • @dragondreams  Jan 2016

    Fly and burn?
    I'm in!